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Eric Carlson

Eric is a founder, with his wife Lesley, and President of Eric has more than fifteen years experience promoting cost-effective solutions to climate change, with an extensive background in energy efficiency and renewable energy. Prior to, Eric managed voluntary partnerships at the US EPA’s Energy Star Homes and Buildings programs. There he advised companies such as Gillette, IBM and Johnson & Johnson. Eric also spent six years managing programs for the Alliance to Save Energy in Central and Eastern Europe. He advised ministers of energy and environment on energy policy and climate change, testified before parliaments, advised the World Bank and IFC on major energy efficiency investments and trained municipal leaders.

Eric and Lesley founded to make it easy and affordable for any individual or business to reduce their climate impact while hastening our transition to a low-carbon future. The organization has grown to become the leading nonprofit climate solutions organization with over 600,000 individual supporters and 1,800 business partners, and reducing over 5 billion pounds of carbon emissions globally. also offers the first and leading carbon neutral product certification program and label in the US, CarbonFree® Certified, now used on products in 15 countries on five continents.

Eric has been a presenter and speaker at numerous conferences and forums including the National Press Club and the National Academy of Sciences, and interviewed in NewsweekThe New York TimesUSA TodaySeed Magazine, National Public Radio and other leading media on climate change policies and strategies, the carbon market, and He has been presented the Avis Spirit Award and other recognition for his dedication to solving climate change.

Lesley and Eric have two beautiful young daughters and want to pass on to them a cleaner world. Eric is also an avid hockey player in his free time.

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