Uchit Corporation

Uchit (means ‘fair/just’ in Hindi) is a fair trade, earth friendly, social venture. 

Uchit partners with artisan cooperatives to bring you fair trade, hand woven textile goods. A majority of these artisan are women. Uchit was created for women’s empowerment and in keeping with that goal, a majority of profits go towards supporting projects aimed at women’s empowerment. We believe women deserve a fair chance. 

Uchit is a California Benefit Corporation.

Environmental Commitment

We use sustainable, eco-friendly products, processes and practices and offset what we can't reduce.

In order to achieve our environmental objectives, Uchit is proud to source only eco-friendly fabrics made using earth friendly dyes. We take every care to use only such products and processes as to keep our footprint on the earth as small as possible. We use minimum paper and plastics, and when we do, we always use recycled versions of these.

Every aspect of Uchit is run with the environment in mind, and this is reflected in our fabrics to labels to packaging and to even shipping. We try to reduce our carbon footprint, and until we find a way to ship products using renewable sources of energy, we offset our footprint by purchasing carbon offsets at carbonfund.org.  

"Uchit believes in a fairer world – both for humans and the earth.  Our commitment to the environment matches that of Carbonfund.org. It is only natural that we are partners in our environmental objectives." - Ruksana Azhu Valappil, President and CEO


  • City: San Jose
  • State: CA
  • Country: United States