PLAYN Eyewear

We design and produce handcrafted eyewear and deliver directly without middlemen. The result is a very short and efficient supply chain, leaving us with more budget for product quality and the environment with less waste and carbon dioxide.

Each individual frame has gone through a process involving many steps, from design, carving and tumbling to final assembly and polish by hand. We offer only premium prescription lenses, individually cut and coated in a TÜV-certified lab under management of a German optician master. After production all products are carefully reviewed for quality, packed and sealed - one by one.


Environmental Commitment

PLAYN believes in quality, that’s why we produce long-lasting eyewear with a timeless design. Our plastic frames are made from acetate, a natural fiber derived from cotton. Cellulose Acetate (Zyl) is an easy-to-shape thermoplastic made from renewable resources, such as wood pulp and cotton. Our metal frames are fabricated from surgical metal alloy and all our cases and packaging materials are made from tough carton paper and other compostable materials. PLAYN distribution process is one of the shortest and most direct in the market. We cut out middlemen and multiple warehouse stops which reduce costs and lower our carbon footprint because we believe in an individual responsibility for the world and the future.

“As a fan of planet Earth, I weigh the environmental impact of my design decisions carefully. Yes, we consume energy and materials, but I feel that the best way to do justice to these resources is by creating products with the most thoughtful designs and processes possible.” - Denis Beyer (Product Designer)