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If campuses are committed to carbon neutrality and they are not able to accomplish this through on-campus projects and strategies, they will need to consider investing in carbon offsets or renewable energy certificates (RECs) and NWF’s Campus Ecology Program can support them with this.  

There are several resources that have been developed to support the efforts of campuses that are working to reduce their carbon footprint, and many of them highlight carbon offsets as an opportunity and good option:

NWF’s Campus Ecology program published a guide in 2008, the Guide to Climate Action Planning: Pathways to a Low-Carbon Campus, that addresses a simple question - how can colleges and universities significantly reduce their greenhouse gas emissions quickly and cost effectively? In this guide, carbon offsets are highlighted as an option for campuses that are developing both short-term and long-term goals to become carbon neutral, “During times when long-term infrastructure and behavior change projects are being developed, there may be a need to cut additional emissions in the short term. Carbon offsets—especially high-quality, verifiable offsets—can be a good stopgap measure. “

The American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment (ACUPCC), of which NWF is an endorser, also supports the investment in carbon offsets. Currently, more than 650 colleges and universities have signed the commitment.  ACUPCC supports the demand for carbon offsets.

Environmental Commitment

Recognizing that there is no more important force for the protection of wildlife and habitat than the nation’s higher education institutions and students, National Wildlife Federation (NWF) established the Campus Ecology Program, the first green campus program in the U.S., in 1989. NWF’s Campus Ecology Program supports students, faculty and staff in their efforts to advance sustainability in the curriculum, in campus operations and in the broader community. Each year, NWF’s Campus Ecology team works with approximately at 1,000 colleges and universities in the U.S. and beyond. NWF’s Campus Ecology-supported projects encourage a student-centered, whole-campus approach to sustainability via the curriculum, campus operations and community service, including developing sustainability plans, increasing use of clean energy, reducing waste, purchasing greener products and restoring wildlife habitat.


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After your purchase you will receive a certificate with your campus name, the amount of tonnes your campus offset, and the date of purchase.




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