LightHawk provides donated flights at no charge to wildlife biologists, conservation activists, media, and decision makers so they can better understand, and take action to support a healthier environment throughout the United States and in Mesoamerica.

LightHawk provides aerial support to a wide variety of partner groups working on conservation issues.

The aerial view provided by LightHawk flights lends itself particularly well to issues that benefit from a large-scale perspective, particularly protection of wildlife migration corridors, monitoring illegal uses of protected lands, and species-specific scientific research and protection efforts.

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Environmental Commitment

Founded in 1979, LightHawk is a nonprofit, volunteer pilot-based organization that provides donated flights through a network of volunteer pilots to more than 250 partner conservation groups throughout Central and North America each year. Our mission is to champion environmental protection through the unique perspective of flight.

By granting donated flights, LightHawk helps illuminate how the health of human and wildlife populations is inextricably tied to the environment. How could shrimp farming hurt coastal communities? From the air, you can see how removing mangroves to install huge shrimp ponds destroys an important storm surge barrier which could lead to flooding and other destruction.

See what else these flights make possible including flying orphaned wildlife and helping an endangered species come back from the brink, check out Lighthawk’s flight stories here

"Based on LightHawk’s commitment to the environment, we feel it is our responsibility to adhere to sustainable practices in our emissions, including all flights done by our volunteer pilots. LightHawk believes that by partnering with, we are truly making a contribution towards removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere." – C. Rudy Engholm, LightHawk Executive Director


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