Since 2003, FreshAirPro has been one of the most trusted names in the industry. We are a nationwide authorized dealer for the highest quality air purifier brands available anywhere. We pride ourselves on having the lowest prices guaranteed, we offer FREE express shipping and we always stand by what we sell.

We are also extremely particular and very selective about the brands we choose to carry. We take great care to only represent brands which we unwaveringly believe in and trust for their excellence and value. The unsurpassed selection of quality products that we carry really has had and continues to have a very profound and positive impact in the lives of our customers. We encourage you to give us a try.

We are sure you will experience a better quality of life through our products.

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Environmental Commitment

We are very proud to state that FreshAirPro is a certified “Green” company and we make it a goal to be as ecologically conscious as possible. We are genuinely committed to improving the health of our planet and we work towards that objective everyday.

Aside from being a nationally recognized “Green” business, we also offset our carbon footprint by being committed partners with non-profit organizations and funds, which then in turn support “CarbonFree” initiatives on our behalf.

These efforts help FreshAirPro strive towards becoming a “ZeroCarbon” company. We also implement an array of internal company policies and practices to minimize our carbon footprint with respect to our employees and with regard to daily operations at FreshAirPro.

"We at very much wanted to partner and associate ourselves with a non-profit fund such as because of all the positive and productive efforts it takes to make a real difference in the world. We are very proud to be working closely with so that we can continue to make great strides in this common goal."


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