Founding Farmers

Founding Farmers offers Fresh Farm-to-Table American inspired true food and drink in a modern, casual and eco-friendly setting. The menus include homemade and ‘scratch-made’ traditional American classics inspired by the heartland with sustainably farmed products, including locally sourced items and in-season vegetables and fruits whenever possible. The bar includes biodynamic and organic wines, and each cocktail and beverage is made to order by a true mixologist.

Large farm-style community tables are just a small part of the comfortable and welcoming contemporary farmhouse setting.

Founding Farmers is a Certified Green Restaurant and has been designed to meet LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certification* criteria, a combined first for a Washington, DC establishment.

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Environmental Commitment

Founding Farmers is a business that is fully committed to preserving, protecting and enhancing the earth with a “Triple Green Approach” to bringing great food from Farm to Table. The menus at Founding Farmers are based on regional and local sustainable agricultural resources whenever possible. Everything we serve is fresh, scratch, homemade and sourced from American farms and small producers.

Secondly, the restaurant operates with the earth in mind, by sorting and recycling all non-food products, processing used cooking oil into bio-diesel, composting all organic waste products, using an in-house super water purification system to eliminate water bottle waste, and cleaning with earth-friendly and chemically neutral products. Even the menus are printed on recycled papers with soy-based inks.

Finally, the architecture and design of the space itself meet the USGBC’s LEED Gold design standards and criteria, with the use of reclaimed and recycled materials for the floors, surface finishes and fabrics; with high-efficiency lighting, HVAC and general energy use, and with sharing the importance of living green and more earth-friendly with our guests.

Founding Farmers is carbon-neutral with the purchase of energy credits to offset the restaurant’s carbon footprint.

"As Washington DC’s greenest restaurant with a business model that is earth-friendly from the inside out, it was logical, affirmative and natural for the restaurant to partner with We believe in setting an example as a leader in the green / LEED restaurant category and partnering with allows us to share in the mission and share what we’ve done with others."


  • City: Washington, DC
  • Country: United States