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Lessons from Haiti

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Natural disasters impact those that are the least prepared the hardest. The earthquake that recently struck Haiti may end up killing 200,000 people - an astonishing and devastating figure. Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. The country has had high rates of TB, AIDS, malaria and other preventable diseases. The country's systems are less than adequate on a good day - meaning that access to essential government services like emergency services and building code enforcement is lacking. These and many other factors left Haiti especially vulnerable to a natural disaster. The poorly constructed buildings crumbled easily. Without extensive foreign aid, Haiti would have tremendous difficulty trying to rebuild. There is a lesson for the potential impacts of global warming, in the fact that global warming is expected to have many negative effects such as more heat waves, rising sea levels and other potential natural disasters that should raise concern for the world. While some countries are more prepared to handle these impacts than others, these effects most adversely affect developing countries and those who may be in poverty. You can learn more about the linkage between global warming and poverty or economic development by visiting this site, Live Climate, which is a nonprofit program of The world needs to respond as quickly as possible to the needs of Haiti, while ensuring that it learns lessons from the disaster and be more prepared for the future, including the expected effects of global warming.
CODiCODi Direct is a leading manufacturer and supplier of laptop bags and cases, mobile security and accessories.  Since 1992, their unique products have been simplifying mobile life.  They have a strong commitment to quality, value, customer service, and limiting their environmental impact.  That's why CODi ships CarbonFree® with by offsetting emissions related to shipping in support of third-party validated carbon reduction projects. With messenger bags, backpacks, rolling cases, totes, and even checkpoint friendly bags, CODi has a reliable bag for anybody.  And until January 31st, CODi is giving out a special 15% discount to supporters.  Just use the discount code "CARBONFREE" at checkout to save 15% on your entire order. "Being eco-conscious is a growing concern for us as an organization and is shaping the decision-making of many of our corporate customers," explained CODi spokesperson Julie Bancroft.  "Because our customers' needs are the cornerstone of everything we do, we have partnered with to echo our commitment to them and the environment." is proud to have CODi as a valuable partner in the fight against climate change.  To learn more or take advantage of your discount, visit partner WeddingWire has teamed up with MIX 107.3 FM and the Washington Bridal Showcase to give one lucky couple from the Washington, DC metro area a dream wedding BUT they only have one week to plan! Today's the last day to enter, and the top 5 finalists will be announced tomorrow. Enter now to win. The winning couple will be announced on January 29th and their wedding will take place one week later! logomWeddingWire, a leading online wedding planning resource, partnered with in early 2009 to offer engaged couples an affordable way to make their wedding a special day for family, friends and for the planet as well. Couples and their guests are able calculate their carbon footprints and contribute jointly in offsetting the wedding, making it a carbon neutral event. To make this possible, WeddingWire has integrated’s weddings carbon calculator as a tool on WeddingWire’s personalized wedding websites. To learn more or plan your ZeroCarbon Wedding, visit!
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Greenscroll Helping to Green the Internet

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GrnsGreenscroll is a nonprofit organization created to fight climate change in the real word, on the battlefield of the virtual one. Recognizing the growing environmental footprint of the Internet and the infrastructure involved in running it, their mission is to power the Internet by renewable energy. Greenscroll purchases renewable energy certificates from in support of renewable energy generation. Also, Greenscroll is working on a program to help companies with big data centers make them more energy-efficient. "We chose to work with because, like, is a charitable, not-for-profit organization with very similar values. Furthermore, has worked with well known brands like Dell, Discovery, Motorola, etc.” You can learn more about Greenscroll by reading the recent press release about our partnership, and by visiting
Looking to cut your utility bills, add style to your lawn, and create demand for renewable energy products?  Look no further than Exterior Solar LightsExterior Solar Lights, a specialty retailer of solar lighting products.  They feature a wide selection of solar products ranging from lamp posts, indoor accent lights, and radios.  With free shipping on any order over $50 and a great selection of indoor and outdoor solar lighting options, Exterior Solar Lights is an affordable way to meet your outdoor lighting needs.  They are currently offering a special discount on all solar lamp posts!  To save 10% today, simply enter the promo code 10OffLampPosts during checkout. Exterior Solar Lights carries products that are beneficial for the environment.  All of their solar products require no electricity from the grid and can reduce your utility bills by decreasing your electricity use.  By increasing the demand for renewable energy products, like solar lighting and gifts, their goal is to mainstream solar energy and transition away from fossil fuel energy sources.  They are also offsetting their carbon emissions with  By supporting verified projects that reduce emissions today, Exterior Solar Lights is offsetting its office and shipping emissions. Shop now at Exterior Solar Lights and save on Solar Lamp Posts with the discount code: 10OffLampPosts.  Questions?  Please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
CES'Green' was definitely a running theme at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held last weekend in Las Vegas.  Although I knew that there would be a small sustainability section I was pleasantly surprised to see how many companies were talking about, even focusing on, the greening of their products and their business.  From energy efficiency and widespread recycling programs to reduced packaging and carbon neutrality, everywhere I looked companies were touting their efforts to minimize the environmental impacts of their products.  All of the major consumer electronics companies, including Samsung, Casio, Toshiba, Panasonic and more had entire sections dedicated to their sustainability efforts and where boasting about the increased efficiency of all of their 2010 models. For example, Panasonic provided an array of green products and initiatives. Through a joint venture with Sharp and Toshiba, Panasonic has created a recycling program with 100's of free drop off locations in all 50 states.  This program was the first winner of the US EPA’s National TV Recycling Challenge for responsible recycling end-of-life TVs.  Their booth also showcased Panasonic’s innovative residential fuel cell technology which takes hydrogen from city gas and oxygen from the air to generate heat and electricity.  Coupled with their residential storage batteries, which help to store the energy created by the fuel cells or solar power generators, this technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we power our homes. At the impressive Samsung booth they unveiled their eco-design and energy efficient products including LED TVs, 30” free-standing induction ranges, Energy Star Blue-ray players and more.  Samsung also partnered with us to address the environmental impact of participating in the show by offsetting their presence at the show, including the booth, which was the largest at CES, transportation, and lodging. The 2010 show proved that sustainability and energy efficiency is not a fad, but rather a way forward.  The consumer electronics industry has realized that making efficient, environmentally friendly products will make their customers happy, strengthen their corporate social responsibility and increase their bottom line.
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Video: Climate and Energy Policy Year in Review

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2009 was a historic year for climate change action, as the US House of Representatives passed climate change legislation, and Senators introduced possible legislation in their chamber. The EPA ruled that greenhouse gases are pollutants that should be regulated under the Clean Air Act. One of the year-in-review videos is by the American Clean Skies Foundation in this 4 minute video.
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The Sunchaser Challenge Goes CarbonFree®

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Sunchaser Challenge mediumThe nation’s premier race to support endangered species has gone CarbonFree®.  Working with Wild Ones Promotions, has calculated the carbon footprint of all 4 North American races, including travel to the locations, hotel stays at the races and any equipment used at the races themselves.  To make these races CarbonFree® Wild Ones Promotions is donating $1 for every competitor. This donation will support’s reforestation projects. The Sunchaser Challenge begins at sunrise on May 22, 2010.  Thousands of competitors in four different locations in the United States will run, mountain bike, kayak, cycle, and navigate their way to rescue 50 different animals before sunset.  At checkpoints throughout the race, participants will need to collect representations of different endangered animals, and the solo or team entrant who collects the most wins a prize.  By raising awareness of endangered species and donating money to wildlife charities, the Sunchaser Challenge is at the forefront of protection efforts in the United States. Truly fulfilling its mission to protect the environment, the Sunchaser Challenge has made a commitment to make sure it is as sustainable as possible.  Registrations are being completed online, recycling stations will be set up throughout the race locations, participants are encouraged to bring old running shoes to recycle at the race, organic food and drinks are being made available at the race, and serving ware that will be used are biodegradable and recyclable. Registration is filling up quickly for the events located in Saranac Lake, NY; Lake Geneva, WI; Lake Havasu, AZ; and North Lake Tahoe, CA.  Wherever you are in the country, there’s a race in your time zone.  Give the race a try – raise some money for endangered species and see if you can be this year’s top scorer! Go to now to find out more and join the Sunchasers!