It’s that time of year in the US – time to start thinking about income tax return preparation.  If you’re a self-preparer, you might be missing opportunities to lower your tax liability, a skill that is both an art and a science. The benefits of having a trusted tax expert as a partner to guide you through the process may pay off.

If you’re seeking a new resource for tax preparation and accounting services, there’s a team of tax and accounting professionals not only dedicated to best serving their clients but also to maintaining a commitment to environmental stewardship.  They utilize technology to serve U.S. clients around the world.

Adam Shay CPA, PLLC is a Carbonfree® Business Partner, a Certified B Corporation and a member of 1% for the Planet.  The firm believes that these programs reflect their values and goals of being successful business people while also contributing to the greater good and to solving societal problems. 

"We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment and leading a new way to do business,” explains Adam Shay, CPA and Managing Partner.  “We chose because they have been a proven leader in the carbon offset field."

By joining the Carbonfree® Business Partnership program, Adam Shay CPA is neutralizing estimated total annual emissions from office space, business travel, mailings and employee commuting. It’s good to know that there are tax and accounting professionals who place a priority on environmental stewardship.  Adam Shay and his staff exhibit these qualities in their commitment to operational sustainability.    

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When looking for collision repair services, most drivers will seek shops with reputations for honesty and dependability.  Bay area residents can add CarbonFree® and environmentally responsible to their criteria, thanks to the steps taken by Selecta Auto Body.

Earlier this year, Selecta Auto Body made the decision to become a CarbonFree® Business Partner, neutralizing annual operational emissions by supporting’s renewable energy and reforestation projects.  This step followed careful decisions to reduce operational emissions and eliminate as much waste as possible in delivering auto body and detailing services.  

 "Our goal is to be the most reputable, dependable, honest, socially and environmentally conscious collision repair service in the United States and teaming up with is one way we can achieve it," states JR Hubbard, Owner of Selecta Auto Body. 

Selecta is a Certified B Corporation and a member of San Francisco’s Clean and Green Program, meeting the high environmental standards that the community expects.  The company places great emphasis on selecting the most environmentally-responsible products it can find, emphasizes proper handling, storage and removal of any toxic substances, and uses energy efficient equipment in its processes.    

And Selecta Auto Body seized a unique opportunity to build their new shop from the ground up.  As an earth-conscious body shop, Selecta set out to examine every aspect of its operations when relocating to their new facility.  They maximized natural lighting, installed high energy efficiency lighting where needed, and installed a new spray painting booth that is one of the more high-end and high-efficient models on the market.   The building’s electrical circuitry was updated to ensure safe and efficient operation, and the air circulation systems exceed building requirements to ensure employee and customer safety and comfort.  In addition, the facility features many plants to boost the oxygen levels in the workplace and help offset the carbon dioxide and chemical air pollutants that a typical repair shop produces.

The cumulative impact of these environmentally-conscious decisions and processes enhance Selecta Auto Body’s “green” operations and position the shop as a clear eco-leader in automotive services in the San Francisco area. 

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