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Over 100,000 Fight Climate Change with iPhones and Droids

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

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Wish you could donate more to charity but find it difficult in the economic downturn?  Well let me tell you a secret that over 100,000 iPhone and Android users have already found out: You can donate to Carbonfund.org with a click of a button from your phone! Once you download CauseWorld’s award-winning smartphone app, check in at your favorite stores–grocery stores, hardware stores, department stores and many more that you visit on a regular basis anyway–and you earn karmas (no purchase necessary). Put these karmas to good use by supporting Carbonfund.org’s third-party validated reforestation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy carbon reduction projects. Carbonfund.org is continuing to lead a nationwide movement to fight climate change now. As we experience record temperatures, suffer devastating natural disasters and see the consequences of continuing to be dependent on fossil fuels, it is more important than ever to shift to cleaner energy sources, reforest the planet, and improve the way we do business. And with CauseWorld it’s now easier than ever. Download the CauseWorld app directly from Carbonfund.org’s front page. If you’re a business owner and want to help your customers fight climate change, sign up here.93QCVGPN3W4S

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