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Jessie Pulsipher
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Communications and Marketing Manager

Jessie is a communication and marketing professional with over thirteen years of experience in assisting government and private sector organizations manage their marketing efforts’ tasks and activities. Her background is in diverse fields from health to advertising to the environment, but she excels in taking scientific information and making it engaging to the average person while simultaneously optimizing the content for search engines. She is also a professionally certified eMarketer and successfully leverages social media.
At, Jessie develops and implements new marketing initiatives and partner approaches while managing organizational marketing efforts such as writing blog, Facebook and Twitter posts and press releases. She also manages’s bi-monthly e-Newsletter and Google AdWords campaigns.
Prior to working for the Foundation, Jessie owned her own freelance marketing and communication business. She holds a B.A. in Information Systems and a Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing Management from Johns Hopkins University.
In her spare time, Jessie enjoys cooking, reading, hiking, dining at new restaurants with her husband and raising a young daughter and son in Maryland.