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Emily Pugliese

Emily Pugliese

Exciting news! NIKA Water has reached the finals for the 1st Annual Classy Awards recognizing philanthropic achievements in the San Diego community. nikawater-img3Specifically, NIKA has been nominated for the "Most Significant Impact by a Business" category and it’s down to one of five finalists out of hundreds. So for NIKA to pull this out we are going to need your help in spreading the word! NIKA is definitely deserving of this honor. NIKA was founded with the purpose of using the power of water to help bring clean water to those in need. By directing 100% of its profits from the sale of their water to alleviate water and sanitation needs in impoverished countries, NIKA hopes to solve the water needs of thousands of families throughout the world. In addition, by enlisting the youth in North America to help them with their mission, they further hope to create awareness and knowledge that act as a catalyst for thousands of youth to get involved in our quest to bring clean water to the impoverished world. NIKA is also addressing the environmental impact of their business. Along with receiving’s CarbonFree® Certification by measuring and offsetting 100% of its carbon footprint produced from manufacturing to consumption by funding third-party validated reforestation projects, NIKA has pledged that for every bottle of NIKA water sold it will ensure that a corresponding plastic bottle is taken out of the environment and recycled. To do this, NIKA is working with schools and universities around the country to create plastic bottle buy-back programs where NIKA pays the sponsoring school a small fee for every plastic bottle they collect and recycle. The winner of the 1st Annual Classy Awards will be chosen based on total number of votes cast by this Wednesday, November 11th. Voting will only take a minute or two so please log onto the link below. NIKA is joined in the final group with some incredible organizations such as the San Diego Padres, Bank of America, Verant Group and Sempra Energy. Vote now to help make them #1! Please click HERE to enter your vote.  Their category is under the "Business" heading.
Today, Venom Power announced the release of its new Eco Alkaline™ batteries. These eco-responsible batteries feature:
  • Zero mercury
  • Zero cadmium
  • Zero lead
  • Zero carbon footprint, courtesy of's product certification program, featuring the first carbon neutral label in the US.
The Venom Power Eco Alkaline batteries have been certified carbon neutral after a detailed product life-cycle assessment. The assessment tracks carbon emissions, identified areas for emissions reductions, and offset the emissions that could not be avoided - like emissions generated in the manufacturing process. Venom chose to support our Paso Pacifico Return to Forest reforestation project. Validated by the Rainforest Alliance to the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standards with Gold Distinction, the Return to Forest Project is helping to reforest as well as reconnect critical biological corridors along Nicaragua’s Pacific coast. The project also brings economic opportunities to local communities while sequestering about 170,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Venom’s Eco Alkaline batteries are progressive, high quality consumer batteries with dependable performance. The batteries will begin shipping to retailers throughout North America during the fourth quarter this year. To learn more, please visit: Read more about our product certification program here.
Monday, 01 February 2010 13:40

Be My Valentine: Soul Flower

shirt pic 13 days til Valentine's Day! Impress your sweetie this Valentine’s Day with a thoughtful, green gift from CarbonFree® Partner Soul Flower.  Soul Flower is a retail mail order and online store that focuses on clothing and eco-friendly goods for the entire family. A “lifestyle” store with an emphasis on products that are made from organic cotton or hemp, the clothing and goods that come from Soul Flower are primarily from Fair TradeTM companies, made in cooperatives, or are from small independent businesses in the USA.  They have been a CarbonFree® Partner since 2006 and have worked with us during that time to offset the emissions related to their business operations by supporting our renewable energy projects. Soul Flower offers everything from funky clothing for women and men to cool duds for little buds. My recommendation?  Go for one of their organic printed tees or hip hats.  For more great gift ideas, or to check out their goods for yourself, visit:
Friday, 05 February 2010 19:46

Be My Valentine:

flowerpetal_logoNothing says Valentine’s Day like a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers. If you’re looking for flowers for that someone special try CarbonFree® Partner  A progressive online flower and gift company that services the U.S. and Canada, has gone to great lengths to calculate and offset the emissions associated with their business operations, including the shipping of their flowers, by supporting our renewable energy, energy efficiency and renewable energy carbon reduction projects.’s mission is to make sure each flower arrangement, plant and gift is delivered on-time, every time, and exactly the way it is requested.  Their orders are delivered via a network of exceptional local florists.  They even offer same-day delivery until 2 p.m. in the recipient’s time zone.  To place your order visit

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Think fast, Valentine’s Day is almost here, or here if you're reading Sunday! If you’re going for the ‘wow’ factor this year try visiting the website of CarbonFree® Partner Brilliance. From sparkling diamond pendants to gorgeous engagement rings, Brilliance has a large selection of fine diamond jewelry and certified diamonds. b2In addition to working with to reduce their carbon footprint, Brilliance also plants a tree for every order as a way to give back and replenish what has been taken from the earth in the minerals and metals used to make their jewelry. Further, Brilliance representatives are committed to ensuring that you feel completely satisfied and secure with your loose diamond, engagement ring, or fine jewelry purchase. Brilliance offers a 30-day money back guarantee, free express shipping, and a gemological appraisal with every purchase. For more information, you can visit Chances are a gift from Brilliance would be sure to please. I don’t know about your significant other, but diamonds truly are this girl’s best friend! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your loved ones.
Teas Etc recently received the Best New Product Packaging Award of the 2009 World Tea Expo for its “Get Real, Get Loose” product. The creative, eco-friendly packaging is fun, hip and colorful, giving serious quality loose leaf tea an approachable attitude. The packaging includes pre and post consumer recycled tin, all natural, non-bleached, compostable filters, post consumer paper, water based inks and environmentally friendly varnish and adhesive. Teas Etc is committed to recycling, conserving energy and offsetting their environmental impact. They support the efforts of their local recycling program, utilize recycled paper goods, biodegradable packing peanuts and chemical-free cleaning products. Teas Etc is committed to offsetting their own carbon footprint with by supporting renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects. They hope to generate greater awareness by offering customers the option of offsetting the carbon emissions created by shipping their orders. As an online retailer and wholesaler of premium loose leaf teas, herbs and Rooibos, the company is USDA certified to package and distribute organic products and has a complete line of 100% organic teas. In addition to their tea line the company manufactures a complete line of tea accessories including glassware, unique tea travel mugs, the Tea Temp thermometer, premium tea samplers and flowering tea sets. To learn more please visit
Saturday, 26 June 2010 14:43

Support Gulf Cleanup with WE ADD UP partner WE ADD UP recently announced two new additions to their wonderful T-shirt line. All proceeds from the sale of these shirts will help support oil spill cleanup efforts in the Gulf of Mexico. With every “Clean It Up” shirt sold, $10 will be donated to the Gulf Restoration Network. Since the first days of BP's oil drilling disaster, the Gulf Restoration Network has provided independent monitoring and advocacy focused on ensuring an effective and transparent response to the crisis. Sale of the “Hair to the Rescue” shirt will lead to a $10 contribution to Matter of Trust, a nonprofit organization that is coordinating the international movement of hair dressers, pet groomers, and others who are donating hair to make hair booms. Hair, a natural fiber, is stuffed into nylons, creating booms that are very effective for soaking up oil.

WE ADD UP, with over 16,000 participating members, is a global campaign printed on organic cotton T-shirts that literally counts you in for your green commitments. Every shirt is printed by hand with a unique number on the front. Your number represents your position in the sequential global count of people who are taking steps to help solve the climate crisis. As the count grows, we demonstrate to the world that “WE ADD UP.” On the back of each shirt is a word or phrase that describes an action almost anyone can take to reduce their carbon footprint, such as: Unplug, Lights Off, Hybrid, Bike, Buy Local, and 25 others. Consumers choose which action they are committed to and receive their number. To be counted-in and help support cleanup efforts, visit today.
Friday, 10 July 2009 10:01

One Stop Shopping for a HealthyHome

healthy homeFrom paint to bedding, I am always looking for greener products to use in my home. Sometimes, however, the search for environmentally friendly household product can be overwhelming. That’s why I was thrilled to find HealthyHome’s website. Founded in 1993, HealthyHome is one of the oldest providers of green products in the country and one of the first to offer them online. They are a privately held company dedicated to sustainability, energy efficiency, and lower environmental impacts from the products they sell. They offer green paints, stains and coatings, flooring, lighting, beds and bedding, cleaning supplies, garden and outdoor products, air and water filtration systems and many other products. Each product they sell meets their high standards for sustainability, safety, efficiency, low carbon footprint, and economy. They are continually searching for new products that help their customers live, build and renovate greener. HealthyHome is partnering with us to offset their own carbon footprint as well as all customer shipping by supporting a combination of renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects. To learn more (or go shopping) please visit:
I love to shop for my friends and family during the holiday season and I try my best to give presents that are environmentally friendly.  However, there are always those on my list (I have 8 nieces and nephews!) for whom a solar cell phone charger just won’t suffice.  This year I can rest a little easier knowing that I can find the perfect gift for my 10 year old nephew or 3 year old niece while lessening my impact by doing my holiday shopping at  EarthMoment is a no-cost Internet portal that allows customers to purchase their favorite products and services from their favorite online retailers, while fighting climate change with each purchase. EarthMoment provides a way for consumers to offset personal contributions to global climate change. They have teamed up with more than 1,000 companies to offer you 15 million products and services. Each of their company partners pays a commission to EarthMoment, half of which is donated to support’s third-party validated carbon reduction projects. With toys, sporting goods, clothing, jewelry, electronics and more available on their site, you are sure to find something that interests you as a gift!  To learn more visit
Long-haul truck drivers may stop for the night but most of the time their trucks never get a rest. The engine is idled to heat or cool their cab and to power on-board appliances during their rest period. This idling burns a gallon of diesel fuel per hour and produces noise, vibrations and fumes. TSE1The Truck Stop Electrification Project helps drivers, their trucks and our planet rest a bit easier. Supported by, the project reduces tailpipe emissions from freight trucks that transport our consumer goods all across the country. Advanced truck stop electrification technology allows drivers to shut off their engines when they stop for the night. This system consists of an in-cab service module connected via a flexible hose to an efficient external unit that heats, cools, and powers the interior of the truck, and lets the driver run the radio and check email without forcing the engine to burn diesel while saving about a gallon of diesel per hour. There are over one hundred locations throughout the United States.
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