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Alterra Hetzel

Alterra Hetzel

Wednesday, 03 February 2010 20:02

Be My Valentine: Erica Weiner Jewelry

erica weiner charm11 days til Valentine's Day! “They do not love that do not show their love.” — William Shakespeare, The Two Gentleman of Verona, 1590-1591 Show your love for both your sweetheart and Mother Earth this Valentine’s Day with one of Erica Weiner Jewelry’s charming and environmentally-conscious creations. As a partner, Manhattan-based designer Erica Weiner reduces her business’s carbon footprint by 300 percent each year by donating to energy efficiency, reforestation, and renewable energy projects in the US and abroad through’s carbon reduction program. But of course, her business's commitment doesn’t stop there. Nearly half of the materials that go into her quirky baubles and jewels are vintage, sourced from dead stocks, and crafted from repurposed materials — and all are hand-refurbished, hand-made, and packaged for sale using reused materials. For her special edition 2010 Valentine’s Day collection, Erica Weiner drew from her treasure trove of hundreds of ’70s-era heart-shaped charms, lockets, and chains she’s salvaged over the years from vintage shops and overstock warehouses around New England.  The resulting bracelets, earrings, and necklaces are all absolutely fanciful and one-of-a-kind, all offering a funky mix of shapes, colors, and metals. (My fave:  The Limited Edition V-Day Vintage Heart Charm Bracelet on Pink Chain.) Don’t like hearts? Check out her Double Initial Gold Vermeil Letterpress Necklace, which will be individually crafted for you and your Valentine — bearing each of your initials — by combining antique moveable iron type pieces originally used on hand-cranked Vandercook Proof Presses. Visit the Erica Weiner Jewelry store on to see the whole Valentine’s Day collection. You can also locate a boutique in your area that sells Erica Weiner Jewelry or view her list of merchants by state.
Thursday, 04 February 2010 20:10

Be My Valentine: Cameron Hughes Wine

wn210 days til Valentine's Day! Employing a no-frills business model, Cameron Hughes Wine delivers some of the best values in the industry.  Since 2004, the maverick negociant has offered wines from around the world with no bottle exceeding $22 . "But our business relies heavily on shipping and delivering wines from across the country and around the world,” says Cameron Hughes. In partnering with, the company's emissions from office use, travel, freight, and shipping activities are offset by supporting carbon reduction projects worldwide. In 2009, Cameron Hughes Wine reduced 282 metric tons of carbon dioxide or the equivalent of 29,000 gallons of gasoline. “We are committed to innovation, taking advantage of every opportunity to control costs. Partnering with is merely an extension of that, and it's an easy choice,” notes Hughes. "We stake our reputation on a great value. What could be more valuable than protecting the people and places we love.” To celebrate this partnership, Cameron Hughes Wine is excited to offer a 15% discount on all wine purchases through February 15! You can visit and enter coupon code CARBON15 to receive 15% off your purchase.
In April 2011, partner and North America’s leading provider of solar power systems infrastructure, Unirac, became the first solar infrastructure company to achieve both ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008 certifications. Unirac voluntarily participated in the certifications highlighting their focus on environmentally responsible business practices. The ISO 14001:2004 is “a framework for a holistic, strategic approach to the organization's environmental policy, plans and actions” while the ISO 9001:2008 standard offers “a tried and tested framework for taking a systematic approach to managing the organization's processes.” In order to achieve these certifications, Unirac’s certification, in part, was based on the following:
  • undertakes waste management via recycling initiatives
  • practices smart consumption of energy and materials
  • undertakes better use of natural resources
  • has adequate processes in place to manage environmental issues that might arise
  • undertakes continual improvement to minimize harmful effects on the environment caused by its activities
Since 2007 Unirac has been a dedicated partner of’s, committing to support our project to mitigate the climate impact of their air travel. From the company’s products, to the ISO certifications, to climate mitigation, Unirac is indeed a leader in business and sustainability. To learn more about the company and their products please visit:
If you've ever spent time in a dense city center, you may have noticed the way the large, box-like buildings dominate the skyline. So in 1968, when Transamerica Corporation President John Beckett set out to build a new headquarters in San Francisco, he took a lesson from the trees. The now famous Transamerica Pyramid, located in the heart of San Francisco's Financial District, brings a bit of nature into that urban jungle with the building's distinct shape allowing natural light and fresh air to filter down to the streets below like sunshine filters through leaves. Transamerica, a partner, continues to look to the natural environment to inspire its buildings' inhabitants across the globe. Recently, was thrilled to receive an email from Transamerica asking if they could reference our newsletter's ideas for sustainably minded lighting in their monthly Green Tips sent to all employees. But the green lifestyle isn't just a monthly reminder at Transamerica -- it's an integral part of everyday life. The Insurance and Investment Group encourages and provides reusable mugs and bags, has mandatory recycling on every floor, and hold two electronic recycling events every year. These events have prevented about 20 tons of e-waste from going to landfills. In addition, the new campaign Transamerica plans to launch this fall aims to increase involvement in sustainable and charitable activities. Transamerica also has also partnered with for the past three years supporting the mitigation of 9,431 metric tonnes of CO2 (that’s over 20 million pounds) through’s project portfolio. The projects include both international reforestation projects and renewable energy projects in California.  This support is equivalent to taking 1,849 cars off the road for a year, planting 241,821 tree seedlings, or powering 1,176 homes with electricity for a year. Clearly, Transamerica is doing their part to show environmental leadership in the insurance and investment services industry. To learn more about Transamerica and their innovative financial services and products please visit:
With Orbitz customer contributions totaling more than $50,000 sent to the leading nonprofit carbon reduction and climate solutions organization, the online travel company and its customers have offset over 10 million pounds of carbon emissions in 2010. But just what does a donation like this mean in real life terms: •Taking 965 cars off the road for a year •Planting more than 50,000 trees, covering 231 acres of land •Providing solar systems for more than 3,800 homes. That’s something to raise a toast to this holiday season. And as we embark on a new year, Orbitz continues to encourage its customers to live—and travel—by’s mantra “Reduce what you can, offset what you can’t™.” Orbitz makes it easy for consumers to offset carbon emissions as part of the booking process for flights to and from destinations around the world. then uses these donations to support third-party validated renewable energy, reforestation and energy-efficiency projects focused on turning back the clock on global climate change. As the travel industry becomes more conscious of its impact on the environment, it’s becomingly easier for travelers to find and support companies who are working to reduce their eco footprint. From hybrid car rentals to wind and solar powered hotels, travelers now have more eco-friendly choices than ever before. Check out Eco-tourism at Orbitz for a comprehensive list of eco-friendly travel options, including car rentals, flight carbon offsetting and hotels that have earned the EnergyStar® and achieved LEED® certification. To find out more about our commitment to green travel, see how Orbitz is engaged in making our world a better place. This guest post was written by Orbitz Worldwide senior travel editor Jeanenne Tornatore at Orbitz Blog.
Tuesday, 06 September 2011 14:54

Sleep Well, Sleep Green

GBS Enterprises is a leading supplier of mattress and pillow protection products with products branded under the Protect-All, Healthy Sleep and Rest Assured brands names.  The company’s aim is to offer products that provide a healthy sleep environment. But they also are committed to offering products in a way that also provides a healthier global environment. In an effort to become a more earth-friendly company, GBS Enterprises challenged itself to look at its daily operations and to identify actions that would save energy. After an initial review, they made basic changes that every business can easily make. Quite simply, they reduced.  They implemented a company recycling program, a lights-off policy, decreased heating and cooling systems, and changed printing habits. However, GBS also recognizes that it can’t reduce all emissions by changing habits so they have also mitigated their carbon footprint on products and operations. Since 2009, GBS has mitigated over 2,800 metric tonnes of CO2 though support of’s carbon reduction projects. This amount is similar to greenhouse gas emissions avoided by recycling 975 tons of waste not sent to the landfill, the CO2 emissions from 313,900 gallons of gasoline consumed, or the carbon sequestered by 71,795 tree seedlings grown for 10 years. GBS provides an important example of a US business that is living the motto by reducing the emissions they can, and offsetting the emissions they can’t. For more information please visit:
Wednesday, 29 December 2010 14:54

A Shade of Green in a Sustainable New Year!

Greening a business or organization used to be something only a huge Fortune 500 company could afford or a small mom & pop shop was interested in. As environmental impact continues to grow as a priority, Strategic Sustainability Consultants (SSC) recognized the need to deliver sustainability consultation to organizations and businesses of any size, scaling options to meet the needs of smaller organizations. They call this, “Sustainability for every organization.” SSC helps clients calculate their carbon footprint and discover their “current shade of green,” or, if it’s already a sustainable business, help communicate the lovely shade of green they’ve already achieved. SSC guides clients with services including green audits, sustainability reports and green communications audits. Moreover, they believe part of the consultant/client relationship is knowledge transfer, which they bring about through customized workshops, webinars, presentations, and even in-house training sessions. Strategic Sustainability Solutions makes sure to practice what they preach, boasting their own nice shade of green and living by the motto to “Reduce what you can, offset what you can’t.” In fact, SSC is one of’s newest CarbonFree® partners, having recently offset the emissions that could not be reduced by supporting's third-party validated renewable energy projects. Additionally, SSC conducts an annual green audit on themselves and over three years of audits were able to create a 44% reduction in absolute tons of GHG emissions, a 55% reduction in carbon per man-hour, and a 70% reduction in carbon per dollar of revenue. That is something to cheer in a Sustainable New Year!
Monday, 20 December 2010 15:00

Savers Bank Joins Fight on Climate Change

Savers Bank of Massachusetts is now supporting, donating to help our organization's programs and projects to fight climate change. Savers Bank is committed to giving back to the communities the bank serves and that involves taking steps to preserving the environment. The bank gives incentives to their customers to switch to e-statements and places a strong focus on Earth Day annually by providing useful tips to their customers to conserve energy, as well as giving out thousands of reusable shopping bags to customers and charitable organizations. They also encourage communities to recycle while protecting their personal information by offering free shredding throughout the year. In 2008, the bank purchased a fuel-efficient Honda Element that they use for volunteer purposes and business runs. In effort to encourage their customers to go green they will be introducing a green auto loan in 2011 which will provide customers with a better interest rate for fuel-efficient vehicles. With offices in Southbridge, Uxbridge, Auburn, Grafton, Charlton and Sturbridge, Savers Bank is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), the Federal Home Loan Bank, the Co-operative Central Bank, and Massachusetts Bankers Association. Founded in 1910, Savers Bank has assets of over $400 million, offers a full range of consumer and commercial banking services and a strong legacy of community commitment and customer service. For more information, call 1-800-649-3036 or visit
The dental industry has a big impact on the environment, from disposable infection control products to mercury amalgam waste. PureLife offers products and services that help the industry reduce it’s eco-impact and they are continuously striving to provide eco-solutions that actually work. Their eco-friendly products are cost-competitive with traditional versions, and waste services are often provided at cost to encourage regulatory compliance, as part of a company commitment to the environment.  Finding eco-friendly products that perform as well – or better – than traditional versions is a top priority. Reducing packaging, using organic or biodegradable materials, or creating products from recycled content allows dentists to move along the green path, without sacrificing. It’s just one way they have found to make “green” work for dentists. Here are some other highlights of PureLife’s green initiatives:
  • Problem: Mercury pollution: did you know that the EPA estimates that 50% of the mercury that enters our waterways comes from dental amalgam, which is a mix of mercury and other metals?
  • PureLife Solution: As an example, most Michigan dentists are required to have amalgam separators installed by 2013. To help these practitioners with the cost of complying, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the Environment awarded a $300 grant to the Michigan Dental Association towards the purchase of an amalgam separator. PureLife subsequently dropped its price on one of its most popular separators to $300, bringing the out-of-pocket costs for Michigan dentists to zero.
  • Problem: Dentists need education to learn about measures they can take to green their practices and meet regulatory compliance.
  • PureLife Solution: Making Green Work: a How-To Guide for Dentists, a reference guide to help dentists become “green” from a practical viewpoint. It includes information on mercury and x-ray waste, and how to best ensure Compliance. The guide also goes Beyond Compliance, showing practitioners the top three steps they can do today to green a dental practice, helping to save money and attract more patients at the same time.
  • Problem: A need for resources to acknowledge and assist dentists with environmental and compliance initiatives in a cost effective way, and in a way that communicates the initiatives with patients and employees.
  • PureLife Solution: PureLife’s new Environmental Leaders Program – a partnership program that will recognize the steps practices take towards compliance and beyond, while helping them to communicate the practice’s commitment to environmental and public health to patients and employees. To help reduce the costs associated with environmental compliance, the program partners will receive discounts on PureLife’s Green Collection of eco-friendly products, along with other benefits.
In addition to all of these great measures that PureLife takes, they also offset both the office emissions of the company, as well as the shipping of all of their products. PureLife Dental is truly reducing their carbon footprint when they can, and offsetting those emissions that they cannot reduce.  To learn more about PureLife Dental please visit:
Monday, 02 May 2011 15:28

For People Going Places...

Located in Princeton, New Jersey, A-1 Limousine allows customers to select from a fleet of full-size limousines, extended stretch limousines, luxurious Escalades, limo vans, Motor Coach buses, or formal sedans.  You can travel in style in your beautiful Cadillac limousine under the care of your professional chauffeur for weddings, proms, and special events. Even better, when you go with A-1 Limousine, you also travel CarbonFree® as A-1 Limousine supports climate mitigation projects for the fleet emissions. Through its partnership with, A-1 Limousine  mitigated over 2,580 metric tonnes of CO2 in 2010 alone. That's like neutralizing the annual greenhouse gas emissions from 507 cars or the electricity use of 314 homes for one year. It's like taking the emissions from their operations and turning it into the carbon sequestering power of 66,361 tree seedlings grown for 10 years. If that wasn't swank enough, how about some deals? Keep an eye out for the A-1 specials. Currently A-1 Limousine has partnered with The Philadelphia Phillies, call for special packages.  A-1 Limousine has also joined with a select and limited group of restaurants in a unique promotion combining elegant transportation with incredible food. Imagine you and your friends ditching the car for the night - being picked up in limousine and whisked out for an evening of exquisite food and drink, with the added luxury of being picked up and dropped back at home. All this for the low price of just $400 (plus applicable fees and taxes). Whether you are looking for a good deal, for quality fleet, for exceptional service, or for an environmentally conscious company, A-1 Limo is the way to go!  About A-1 Limousine Inc  A-1 Limousine Inc is an industry leading provider of ground transportation with a fleet more than 200 vehicles. Service is provided 24/7 throughout the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware region.  In addition, A-1 Limousine offers ‘For People Going Places...” world-wide ground transportation reservation service.  A-1 Limousine Inc is based in Princeton, NJ with an additional office and dispatch center in Allentown, PA.  A-1 Limousine is a Proud Partner of The Philadelphia Phillies, The Official Limousine Service for The Trenton Thunder, The Official Limousine Service The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs and The Official Ground Transportation provider for The Trenton Steel Indoor Football Team.  For more information, visit
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