Tradewinds Imports

Tradewinds Imports is the web’s premiere online destination for exclusive modern bathroom vanities and other contemporary bathroom furnishings. Featuring thousands of bathroom items, including dozens of unique bathroom vanities that you won’t find anywhere else, no other online bathroom vanity retailer can rival Tradewinds Imports in terms of quality, selection, and cost. And now, you can add “eco-friendliness” to that list. 

All of the vanities offered at are manufactured from 100% reclaimed and recycled hardwoods or sustainable-practice oak, and come with a satisfaction-guarantee. Not only does Tradewinds Imports offer green-living bathroom furniture, but we also have just about the nicest customer service you’ll ever meet on the web! 

You can also read the Tradewinds Imports Blog to keep track of our work spreading environmental awareness and working towards better, more sustainable manufacturing practices across all industries.

Environmental Commitment

Whether we are developing new furniture designs, or shipping our products across the country, we always strive for the greenest solutions to all of our business’ challenges. We work towards the most environmentally-friendly manufacturing methods for our exclusive vanity collection, using reclaimed and recycled wood or purchasing wood from sustainable plantations for all of our furniture. Additionally, the majority of our vanities are built by hand, rather than inefficient and environmentally harmful machines. 

Joining with just makes sense; we will continue to protect our environment as well as we can and offset whatever we can’t.

The global environment and the health of our forests is of the utmost importance to Tradewinds Imports, and we are immensely proud to announce our work with to help offset carbon emissions and repopulate the trees of our earth.

“ is a fantastic organization and we are very excited to aid them in their carbon offsetting efforts. Being good custodians of our forests is vital to our lives as well as our business, so we are delighted to help meet their reforestation and avoided de-forestation goals.” - Todd Harmon, CEO of Tradewinds Imports


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