Deliver the love—in style. A Nursery Notice is an online birth announcement. Unlike a typical printed birth announcement, a Nursery Notice is the new way to announce your little one’s arrival. It’s a stylish, personal, eco-friendly website created entirely for your baby. You personalize it with birth details and photos, and it includes a guestbook for friends and family to sign! You upload a list of recipient email addresses that receive a link to your Nursery Notice when you're ready. You can also purchase your Nursery Notice on CD to have a lasting copy of your Nursery Notice and your entire guestbook in one complete package.

Environmental Commitment

Sending printed birth announcements means cutting down trees for the paper, utilizing harmful printing processes and using fossil fuels to deliver them in the mail. Sending a Nursery Notice online birth announcement is completely eco-friendly! There's no paper, there's no printing and there's no mailing. We think it's the smart way to announce the birth of your little one.

"Our commitment to environmental responsibility doesn't stop with the green aspects of a Nursery Notice birth announcement alone. As a part of our broader mission, purchases carbon offset credits through to offset all of the carbon used in the company's operations."


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