Jana, Inc. (dba Jamnica d.d.)

Jamnica, as part of Agrokor Company, is the largest manufacturer of natural mineral water and non-alcoholic beverages in Croatia with more than 180 years of tradition. Due to investments in modernization and new technologies, Jamnica has grown to be one of the most advanced European mineral water bottling plants with annual sales of more than 500 million liters.

Jamnica’s product portfolio is divided into two main groups: mineral water and soft drinks. Jamnica has three production plants in Croatia: one for natural mineral water in Jamnicka Kiselica, another for natural mineral water and non-alcoholic beverages in St. Jana and a third for fruit juices in Jastrebarsko. Jamnica also owns Sarajevski Kiseljak, the largest bottling plant for natural mineral water and non-alcoholic beverages in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the Fonyódi mineral water bottling plant in Hungary.

Jamnica is certified according to quality, environmental and food safety standards (ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and HACCP in relation to Codex Alimentarius). Jana is Croatia's most awarded and world renowned bottled water, receiving several international awards and certificates.  Jana’s water is listed in the Directory of Sanitarily Approved Food Establishments for Armed Forces Procurement has received NSF International bottled water certification to U.S. FDA standards and has a kosher certificate.


Environmental Commitment

As a responsible company, Jamnica d.d. bases its environmental protection policy on organized and professional system management in the spirit of sustainable development.

We are determined in our intention of achieving further economic growth and responsible and strong environmental protection, which we believe are inevitably inseparable. A healthy environment and healthy business are mutually intertwined in a general inclination to a better quality of life, which is why we attend to the overall life cycle of our products, supervise all levels of our activities and services and take special care of our consumers´ needs.

All environmental aspects are monitored and controlled for the purpose and eliminating and reducing all adverse impacts on the environment to the maximum extent.

This enables us to constantly revise and sharpen our environmental protection vision, policy and tasks to implement two basic strategic environmental focuses: ongoing improvement, prevention and reduction of all types of contamination in the immediate, broader and global surroundings.

The establishment, maintenance and improvement of our environmental management systems is based on compliance with legal and other requirements, including internal corporate regulations and local, national and international regulations on protection of nature and the environment. We are focused on creating, maintaining and improving our environmental management systems according to the guidelines of the international ISO 14001:2004 standard by using all preventive measures and applying the best available technologies, and according to rationalization, innovation and educational processes with respect to environmental protection. This is the basis for responsible, professional and modern nature and environmental protection and the overall surroundings, and protection of all our employees.

Quality environmental management is achieved with support of all our employees, whose personal responsibility is an essential link in the chain of success of the overall system.

Leading South Eastern Europe bottled water producer Jana, Inc. (dba Jamnica d.d.) has earned CarbonFree® certification from Carbonfund.org and NSF Sustainability, a division of global public health organization NSF International. CarbonFree® product certification is a credible, transparent way for Jana to provide carbon-neutral bottled water products to our customers in North America. 

Jana underwent a detailed life cycle assessment to measure the carbon emissions produced from our bottled water products in North America. To address the environmental impacts, Jana offset carbon emissions through investment in third-party validated renewable energy, energy efficiency and forestry carbon offset projects provided by Carbonfund.org, a leading nonprofit and developer of the CarbonFree® Product Certification program, the first carbon neutral product label in North America.

"Jana is the first product in the region certified by the Carbonfund.org Foundation, Inc. Thus, we are very proud to be environmentally friendly in keeping with our responsibilities as the biggest producer of water in Croatia." Ivana Petricevic, Jamnica Quality Director. 


  • State: Zagreb
  • Country: Croatia