Euroloan Consumer Finance Plc

Euroloan Consumer Finance Plc provides instant consumer credit (short-term financing for private customers), and is currently based in Helsinki, Finland. The company has developed state-of-the-art business processes and systems, and aims to be the most advanced service provider in the key markets in Europe.

Environmental Commitment

The management and personnel of Euroloan Consumer Finance Plc are personally and wholly committed to protecting the environment. They have integrated environmental protection in all services and products, in close partnership with Although these are small steps separately, Euroloan believes that if everyone contributes in the same way, the total positive effect on the environment is potentially huge.

"We found that best fits our core values and our commitment to protecting the environment. is a well-established, serious and reliable partner with innovative solutions to improve the world we live in. We especially like the approach of, of making it easy for everyone to contribute and the policy of investing in many projects internationally, most prominently the effort to plant trees in deforested areas."


  • City: Helsinki
  • Country: Finland