At Envelopes.com we focus on one thing: to provide the largest in-stock selection of sizes, styles, and colors to ensure customers find the perfect product for their unique needs. We combine this with quick shipments, quality printing, and great customer service to ensure total customer satisfaction

Environmental Commitment

Wind Power:

We are proud to offset 100% of our electrical consumption with Wind Power. Through the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), we are doing our part for the environment by funding wind farms and offsetting our carbon footprint by indirectly eliminating 236,753 pounds of carbon dioxide pollution. 

Earth Friendly Envelopes:

Our standard #10 Window Envelopes have Earth-First corn-based PLA Windows. This material is clear and strong like petroleum-based plastics, but it is totally compostable. 

Recycled Envelopes:

We offer a large variety of recycled envelopes. The envelopes are less harmful to the environment by reducing energy use, pollution, and tree harvesting. Many of our most popular colors are made from recycled papers so you can look good, and feel good. 

Soy Inks:

We print with Soy Inks. Soy Inks are manufactured from soybeans — a renewable resource — and require less than 1% of the total energy needed to produce petroleum-based inks, which are manufactured from fossil fuels. Soy Inks release 20% less smog-producing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than their traditional counterparts. They are easier to remove from paper, so paper fibers are less damaged during de-inking resulting in brighter recycled paper. From an environmental standpoint, Soy Inks are a practical, viable alternative. 

100% Cotton:

Envelopes.com is proud to offer you Reich Paper and the Savoy 100% Cotton Collection. Choose Envelopes and Paper in 80 lb and flat/folded notecards in 92lb & 118lb. Available in Bright White and Natural White.

"At Envelopes.com, we recognize that the current emphasis on environmental sensitivity is not a passing fad. There is an evolving global recognition that each of us must do our part in this regard. Our earth-friendly initiatives are allowing our company and our customers to participate in the ever-expanding process of safeguarding our natural resources." 

"Partnering with Carbonfund.org is a great way to help reduce our carbon footprint. Our partnership has enabled us send Carbon Neutral Shipments by offsetting the CO2 created when shipping our products to your door by investing in reforestation projects. Reforestation projects play a vital role in absorbing emissions and providing time to transition to a new energy future." - Seth Newman, President 


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