Carbon Neutral Cremations

Carbon Neutral Cremations (CNC) is an environmental marketing firm that is dedicated to helping the cremation industry respond to the growing demand for practices, products and services that protect the environment.

CNC helps funeral directors, crematory operators and cemetery owners provide environmentally astute products and services to families that want to have an environmentally low impact death style that is congruent with the values of their environmentally low impact life style. CNC gives the funeral industry tools and strategies that will allow them to offer consumers an environmental legacy.

Carbon Neutral Cremations’ mission is to help the cremation industry develop sustainable business practices and marketing strategies that result in reduced carbon emissions. Carbon Neutral Cremations (CNC) markets its branded service, Cool Cremation℠, to environmentally astute consumers through funeral homes and crematoriums nationwide.

Cool Cremation℠ allows funeral homes and crematoriums to market cremation to environmentally astute consumers as a less harmful method of disposition by purchasing carbon offsets for cremations they perform. Thus, CNC is “helping the planet keep its cool"™ with Cool Cremation℠.


  • City: Orono
  • State: MN
  • Country: United States