CalAir is a Cirrus training center located at Torrance airport (KTOA), in Torrance, California. We specialize in flight training in new age, or technologically advanced, aircraft. Whether your starting out at zero time, or an advanced pilot looking to hone your skills, we’re here to help with up-to-procedures, innovative techniques, and the kind patience that every student deserves.

Environmental Commitment

In such a business, it’s hard to find where you can “cut back” or even be that much more environmental friendly. We feel that it’s the little things that we can do that hopefully help carry our part. Simple things like making sure we recycle oil bottles, refreshments that out students enjoy, or even cleaning up around the airport are what we’ve made part of our day to day operations.

With the advancement of low lead fuels or even alternate fuel sources for general aviation aircraft, we’re hopeful that more “tools” will come our way and will be glad to partake. The next best thing we’ve found thus far has been being able offset our consumption, which we’re glad to be part of.

"Although general aviation aircraft don’t easily yet have more eco-friendly fuel sources, there’s no reason why we can’t all do our part within our means however insignificant you feel it may be. Simply following guidelines such as reduce and reuse, and partnering with is a small start for us. As we learn more ways in which a flight school can do our part, make no mistake we’ll gladly cooperate." - Jonathan Lucas, Owner


  • City: Torrance
  • State: CA
  • Country: United States