C1 Consulting

C1 Consulting is an integrated marketing and market research consulting firm committed to helping our pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients successfully launch and grow their products in a rapidly changing and challenging healthcare environment.

Environmental Commitment

C1 Consulting is actively applying to the San Francisco Green Business Program, and revising our practices and standards to meet the definition of an environmentally responsible business. We have partnered with Carbonfund.org to offset carbon emissions generated by business travel and everyday operations across all of our offices.

What began as an effort to become “more green” has led us to reevaluate every aspect of our business. C1 Consulting is proud to continuously evolve into a more environmentally responsible, forward-thinking organization.

“Although C1 Consulting is a small organization, our employees travel frequently for research. We have always been cognizant of the impact of air travel and other aspects of our business operations on the environment, and have always thought of finding some way to offset it. When we applied for the San Francisco Green Business Program, we began to evaluate our choices and our impact on the environment. We did some web sleuthing and finally settled on Carbonfund.org’s carbon offset program for both our New Jersey and California offices. In Carbonfund.org, we found not only our gateway to environmental responsibility, but helpful, dedicated staff to help identify the extent of our need and present the best possible solutions.” - Stephanie Polizzi, Office Manager, San Francisco


  • City: Summit
  • State: NJ
  • Country: United States