Blossom Inspirations

Blossom Inspirations is a women’s fashion company offering planet-friendly accessories. Since 2008, it has been working with impoverished artisans to improve their handcrafted products for boutique and department stores in developed markets. Blossom Inspirations offers to stores an original line of handmade belts, jewelry and home décor or the possibility for designers to develop their own exclusive, CarbonFree® designs.

Environmental Commitment

Blossom Inspirations, who also have offices in Mexico and Peru; work directly with impoverished artisans on fair wage & community development projects in South America. For them, the certification is an extension of a ‘planet-friendly’ philosophy to their business. They encourage their artisans to use natural and/or recycled materials in their production and revive traditional techniques like wooden loom weaving and hand embroidery. This type of low emission production and community building opportunities ensure the well being of artisans and that products are deserving of their CarbonFree® Certified Label. For more information:
“For us, it’s about completing the cycle. When you produce something there is always a take away from the local people and/or environment. It’s important to give that back,” says Jorge Cam, co-founder of Blossom Inspirations. “We’re trying to show consumers and other fashion labels, that you can give back to communities and complete the cycle without having to sacrifice great style or sustainability.”