Bacchus Press

Bacchus Press is a certified Bay Area Green Printer with over twenty-five years experience in the field. To ensure our customers receive a truly green product at an affordable cost, here at Bacchus we make use of environmentally sustainable practices throughout every stage of the production process, this includes everything from low energy consumption to the use of non-toxic chemicals, recycled papers and soy-based ink. Full printing and mailing capabilities as well as in depth customer service are available through Bacchus Press at competitive prices to ensure complete customer satisfaction with every order.

Environmental Commitment

At Bacchus Press, we demand bolder requirements from an industry that ranks fourth in energy consumption among manufacturers and contributes greatly to air, water, and land pollution. We strive to reduce our energy consumption, waste, and the overall carbon footprint of every printing, packaging, and mailing job that passes through our warehouse. We know that printing green not only saves precious resources, but also saves time, which in the end saves our clients money. As a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified business, we comply with the highest environmental standards on the market to protect the welfare of forests around the world. And as a certified Bay Area Green Business, we adhere to all the environmental regulations set forth by the US Environmental Protection Agency, taking steps to conserve resources, prevent pollution, and minimize waste. The actions we've taken to promote sustainable printing on our premises include: -sourcing only sustainable products, including 100% post-consumer recycled FSC-certified paper, vegetable-based inks for our traditional printers, and cleaning and processing solvents free of environmentally harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) -planning jobs carefully to minimize our electricity use and paper waste -ensuring our plate making and plate processing are completely free of chemicals by utilizing water based printing practices -keeping track of our total energy usage and implementing strategies for offsetting the environmental impact -printing digitally whenever possible, which saves paper and natural resources -providing in-house finishing, distribution, and mailing services, saving natural resources by avoiding unnecessary transport from our warehouse to a second vendor -offering referrals, when possible, for long-distance jobs that would better serve the environment if processed in the clients immediate neighborhood -recycling and reusing paper and other supplies, such as toner cartridges for our digital printers -using environmentally regulated cleaning products around the office in the interest of sustainability and employee well being -using efficient lighting components and low flow plumbing installations in order to reduce both electricity and water consumption

"Bacchus Press has always been committed to quality customer service as well as environmentally friendly and sustainable printing practices. After over two decades in business, Bacchus Press will continue this commitment with our clients' satisfaction in mind." -President, Mansoor Assadi