Annie and Jade

Annie & Jade brings eco-luxury to contemporary women's fashion through our commitment to the use of natural, organic and sustainable fabrics, as well as recycled materials. The constant duality of ultra femininity infused with the strength and courage only a woman possesses translates to the duality of the luxurious style and green sensibility of the brand.

With a commitment to uncompromising design and integrity, Annie & Jade stays true to our design style but also to social responsibility, including producing our collection in the USA.

Environmental Commitment

In an effort to continuously decrease our footprint on the Planet, we purchase carbon offsets from

"Fashion is progressive and so are we. Using fabrics that are luxurious to the touch as well as socially and ethically responsible to the environment is the priority and commitment of Annie and Jade by Annie Le. But it's not enough to just use eco-friendly fabrics, which is why we are working to reduce our impact on the environment by purchasing carbon offsets from" – Annie Le, Owner/Head Designer


  • City: Newport Coast
  • State: CA
  • Country: United States