Linda Kelly

Linda Kelly

Ever found yourself in the furniture-buying quagmire, staring at one of the furniture industry’s behemoth showrooms with homogeneous products, thinking there has to be a better way to furnish a house, office or apartment? Well so did the creative team that founded Viesso. Most furniture companies present their products in an outdated and inefficient fashion, and consumers were forced to settle for products that are generic, whether or not the pieces fit their specific needs. Viesso brings an innovative process to furniture design and creation that allows for maximum customization, with a website and more efficient showrooms as the core of the company. Viesso allows you to create custom furniture on their innovative website: select the model that suits your sense of style and is the right size for your space. From there, you pick from a large variety of options for fabric, filling, finishes, legs, and more to create your own custom piece, many of which are made from ‘green’ materials. You can price out all the options available on the website. Once ordered, your furniture piece is ready to ship nationwide in about 3 weeks. The aim at Viesso is to be the best solution for modern furniture, on and offline. While all their quality products are created and sold on their website, they support the website offering with a showroom and honest design help to allow people to make educated (and stylish) decisions. By blending customization, modern technology, smart design, and sustainable living, Viesso offers a refreshing way for you to furnish your space. While creating Viesso, the founders aligned themselves with other companies that share the same passion for the environment. All the products designed and produced by Viesso as made to be as “green” as possible. Check the “How It’s Green” tab at the bottom of every product page to see specific details for each individual product. Viesso carries its environmental focus through its overall operations, from small showrooms to reliance on technology and electronic communication. All products are custom-built, so there is little to no waste, and there is no large inventory of products to store, like most companies, because each piece is custom-built when ordered. This makes Viesso’s manufacturing process very efficient and reduces the impact on the environment in terms of materials used. Viesso also offsets a portion of its operational emissions through’s CarbonFree™ Business Partnership program. “We liked the way the programs were setup, and believed in the cause they [] are focused on. In addition, we got a good feeling after contacting them initially,” comments Travis Nagle, one of Viesso's founders. You owe it to yourself to experience the unique furniture selection, design and purchasing experience that Viesso has to offer. Visit their website at
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Vers Loves Wood (and Trees!)

Looking for beautiful, acoustically-sound cases for your technology devices?  Check out the collection of wood-crafted accessories at Vers. Founded in 2007, Vers produces a unique line of sound systems and mobile device accessories, with a particular emphasis on pursuing environmental sustainability in everything that they do. Unlike other products on the market, Vers’ line is crafted entirely from sustainably-sourced hardwoods and Bamboo. “Wood is simply the perfect material to work with – it’s beautiful, it feels great and has amazing acoustic properties. The best part, though, is that wood is one of the only truly renewable resources on the planet”, says David Laituri, Vers’ founder and CEO. “Wood – and trees – are very important to us, so we replant 100 trees for every tree we use in production. Our tree (re)planting programs are our way of giving back much more then we need.” Vers’ commitment to sustainability and CO2 reduction doesn’t stop there. In addition to sustainable wood sourcing and their deep commitment to reforestation projects, they also seek out the most energy efficient components, recycled paper packaging materials and have even eliminated packaging twist ties (7 miles so far!). “In reality, there is no such thing as a ‘green’ product – every product requires materials and energy to create and requires effort to recycle at the end of its useful life. We see it as our mission to reduce all three of these wherever possible, making maximum use of what is already here, using as little new material as possible and replacing it wherever we can. In the end, it’s the combination of hundreds of little things that add up to a big difference” says David. Vers became a CarbonFree Partner in 2008, and through close monitoring of their annual carbon footprint, has been able to offset more CO2 than their organization creates, effectively making them ‘carbon negative’ since their birth. Vers’ preferred offset option? You guessed it: reforestation.  David emphasizes the point: “Becoming a CarbonFree Partner is an important part of our impact reduction commitment, and the re-forestation option is a perfect fit with our mission. It sends a clear signal to our retailers and customers who we are, what we’re about and what we believe in as a company.” So check out for beautifully designed wooden cases and accessories for your devices that are attractive, durable, acoustically-superior and environmentally-sound. You’ll realize the ‘sound sound’ difference.
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Three Steps to a CarbonFree Valentine's Day

As the annual celebration of love draws near, we’ve got the scoop on exceptional Valentine’s Day gifts, discounts and special offers that squeeze in a little extra love for the environment, too, as CarbonFree® Certified partners.

Step One: Flowers

The Goods: Flower Petal Why We Love Them: Flower Petal's mission is to make sure each flower arrangement, plant and gift is delivered on time, every time, and exactly the way it is requested. View their entire Valentine's Day collection and make that perfect selection. Their flowers are professionally arranged and delivered by a local florist. Bonus: Same day delivery is available until 2pm in the recipient's time zone. The Goods: Bloom Nation Why We Love Them: Bloom Nation shares the love by contributing 10% of any order to support the charity of the customer’s choosing.  And Bloom Nation has made a commitment to offset the carbon emissions for every flower delivery through Bonus: Same day delivery on all their bouquets. The Goods: Organic Bouquet Why We Love Them: Organic Bouquet partners with artisans and growers who adhere to rigorous U.S. and international standards of sustainability. They obtain products from companies who provide safe and just working conditions and a livable wage. With every purchase from Organic Bouquet, you are improving the life of a grower or artisan and protecting the environment for generations to come. Bonus: Organic Bouquet is pleased to offer delivery on Monday February 14th for Valentine's Day.

Step Two: Treats

The Goods: Organic Baskets Why We Love Them: Organic Baskets is a family owned and operated business dedicated to selling only natural and organic gift baskets from the best orchards and farms in the world. Bonus: Receive 10% off Valentine’s Day orders through their online coupon. The Goods: Drexelius Chocolates Why We Love Them: Drexelius Chocolates is your online source for uncommonly good chocolate.  The folks at Drexelius Chocolates love wonderful chocolate, care about the world we live in and support causes that promote healthy, sustainable living. Bonus: Drexelius Chocolates offers free shipping on orders over $25 and make donations raised through sales of chocolate to selected charitable causes. The Goods: Mondizen Why We Love Them: For the ultimate in romantic gifts, why not prepare original French macaroons for your loved one?  Mondizen is a purveyor of unique French goods for delivery all over the world. Bonus: For Valentine’s Day, Mondizen is offering its scrumptious strawberry-filled macaroons, directly from France but with English baking instructions. The Goods: Grounds for Change Why We Love Them: Grounds for Change is a certified organic coffee roaster specializing in 100% Fair Trade Coffee.  They are the first coffee roaster in the US to complete the rigorous third-party certification process necessary to obtain the CarbonFree® Certified Product label. Bonus: Newly on sale, select their special Valentine’s Day gift box for the perfect coffee-lover’s treat.

Step Three: Cards

The Goods: Paper Culture Why We Love Them:  Paper Culture offers eco-friendly stationery on FSC-certified 100% post consumer recycled paper, including all envelopes and packaging. Paper Culture strives to minimize their overall impact on the environment and they plant a tree in a US national forest with every order. Bonus:  Save 20% sitewide in celebration of Valentine's Day. Enter code SENDLOVE at checkout. The Goods: Why We Love Them: works hard to ensure their products are not only stylish, but also eco-conscious. From using recycled paper and eco-friendly digital printing, to maintaining FSC-certified printing facilities and partnering with to offset their carbon footprint, they are doing their part to protect the environment. Bonus: offers carbon-free shipping and a special 15% off Valentine's Day cards.
Spring is around the corner; that means vacation planning time.  Whether it's a wedding, reunion, family event or just a needed getaway, plan a visit to this former stagecoach stop and trading post for local gold miners, the historic 1854 Twenty Mile House. Nestled in the stunning Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California, the Twenty Mile House is just an hour from Reno and Lake Tahoe. Choose your perfect accommodation from one of the private cabins or charming and comfortable guest rooms, all with private bathrooms, in the main house bed and breakfast. Indulge in delicious gourmet breakfasts served each morning on the warm sunny porch or by the fire in the main house. The Twenty Mile House has been a haven for travelers, prospectors and pioneers since 1854. Today the over 200-acre property provides the perfect getaway to relax and unwind, plan a romantic weekend, wedding, retreat or other special event.  With over 200 acres of forest on the property and over 1 mile of private river access, there’s plenty to enjoy in surrounding area including miles of spectacular hiking trails, mountain biking, fishing, kayaking, inner tubing, unique shopping and excellent dining all close by. Specials & Packages include seasonal specials, romantic getaway weekends, fishing packages, mid-week specials, and gift certificates are always available. The Twenty Mile House features spectacular Eco-Wedding packages.  In 2009, Kevin Gage, Karen Steele and their two-year-old daughter Katelyn moved to the Twenty Mile House to take over the family business and began specializing in hosting ecologically minded green weddings.  Imagine your wedding day surrounded by your closest family and friends, magnificent gardens and a backdrop of blue mountain skies, serene forest and flowing creeks, creating memories that will last a lifetime. The Twenty Mile House signature eco-estate wedding package offers you all this and more. Local organic and sustainable farm fresh food cooked on site in front of you, expertly crafted organic wedding cake or deserts, your choice of beautiful flowers including local and native options, inviting local hospitality from some of the friendliest people on earth, all set in the spectacular and environmentally friendly setting of the historic Twenty Mile House Eco-Estate. The Twenty Mile house strives to be a role model in implementing sustainable business practices to enhance the positive impact on the world, preserve the historic Twenty Mile House and to give back to the surrounding local community. To achieve these goals, the Twenty Mile House has established its own Eco Mission, including a pledge to operate carbon free. If you’re planning a trip northwest or need a wonderful eco-getaway, plan a visit to the Twenty Mile House and see why it’s been a favorite getaway destination for over 150 years.
Does your company need to shake up its online look and feel? Are you ready to take a new spin on your website design? Talk to the folks at Summersault. Summersault, LLC is a web development and hosting company located in Richmond, Indiana that specializes in creating interactive, database driven sites that can adapt and scale to changing needs in a changing world. Summersault’s mission is to build and sustain communities using the technologies of the Internet. Summersault also provides technology consulting, training, and site maintenance. The folks at Summersault believe that technology should be accessible and usable; simplicity, adaptability, and functionality are at the core of our development philosophy. They also feel that excellence in customer service does not come from programs or policies, but instead from the way individuals think about and communicate with their customers. Summersault founders Chris Hardie and Mark Stosberg met while studying Computer Science at Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana. In 1997, they partnered to form the company, focused on creating informational sites for non-profits and local businesses. Summersault grew to meet the rising demand from local and regional organizations to create professional, engaging websites. Today, Summersault serves clients across the United States. Chris and Mark chose to name their company “Summersault” because they like the imagery the name evokes: youth, happiness, warmth, growth, purpose, forward motion, complete revolution. And Summersault takes a youthful approach to its sustainable business practices. Summersault’s existing efforts to reduce its green house emissions include the use of compact fluorescent light bulbs, composting, recycling and a concerted effort by employees to bike or walk to work. Through its business partnership with, Summersault offsets a portion of its business emissions and supports our projects that invest in energy efficiency, renewable energy and reforestation. So put a new spin on your website design with the pros at Summersault.
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Green Your Business, Simplify Your Life

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="280" caption="Image courtesy of"][/caption] Today's business world transcends the brick and mortar storefront. A company website means products sitting on the shelf in Milwaukee are ending up in homes in Miami. Likewise, today’s businessperson isn’t just sitting at the counter answering the phone. They’re also connecting via cell while at a conference, faxing from the hotel lobby, and dialing home to check voicemails. Now, what the website did for simplifying sales, the Cloud is doing for communications. “Joining the cloud” means connecting all of your phone lines, even at offices across the country, having calls seamlessly forwarded to your cell phone, or being able to fax from your company’s number no matter where you are in the world. The bonus is that instead of trying to run an entire business from your personal cell phone, you still can have a toll-free number, multiple extensions for different departments, and a professional answering service. What makes this a green move? One word: consolidation. As communications becomes simpler and business more virtual, there is less need for certain industries to shoulder the heavy carbon footprint of a full-time office. That means less electricity consumed for lights, A/C, and heating, as well as less carbon emitted during the weekly commute. partner Nextiva is the leader in cloud-based, business VoIP phone systems, hosting thousands of small- and medium-sized businesses throughout the United States.  Nextiva is a top rated communications provider for a reason. Each service they offer has been engineered to give small business owners an advantage. If you're on the go, it can be difficult to manage messages coming to and from all directions, including home, office and mobile devices.  Nextiva Connect eliminates message management mess.  Instead, they can route incoming calls to your preferred application/phone and set up a protocol so calls and messages follow you anywhere.  There are no busy signals and no missed calls, and you can manage calls online as well.  The system manages phone calls, voicemails, virtual extensions, and more. In December 2010, awarded Nextiva its prestigious "Top Business VoIP Provider of the Year" award for the second year in a row. “Our mission is to become the market leader for small businesses in providing unified communication services, which include VoIP, Fax, Tele and Web conferencing and customer management products at affordable prices. Our vision is to become your #1 choice for serving all of your business communication needs,” said Thomas Gorny, Chairman and CEO of Nextiva. If you’re looking to simplify your business, talk to Nextiva and begin your journey into the clouds.  After all, the sky is the limit.
As thoughts turn to summer projects, family gathering, and outside entertaining, it's time to think about�a home and patio makeover.��Welcome to LTD Online Stores, your premiere online home furnishings store! Whether you are planning a full-scale home renovation or just a simple decorative change, LTD Online Stores has your furniture and d�cor needs covered. Located in San Diego, California, LTD Online Stores brings 12 years of online home furniture experience to a brand new, all-inclusive, one stop home furniture shopping destination.  With the goal to provide you with only the finest furniture the web has to offer, LTD Online Stores has teamed up with some of the best home furniture websites online. For outdoor living and entertaining, Patio Productions boasts one of the web’s largest selections of high-quality wicker outdoor furniture. If you are looking for a lovely rattan dining set, an outdoor sectional sofa, garden bar sets, daybeds, or even all-wicker tiki lounges, Patio Productions has the perfect item for you.  Being in the patio furniture industry, if there is one thing the folks at Patio Productions love, it’s a beautiful, clean environment. Patio Productions is committed to supporting and improving the environment through contributions to alternative energy developers, local and national clean-up organizations, and entering into a partnership with Take advantage of beautiful weather by spending your time outdoors, entertaining guests or just relaxing in your very own unique patio set. Patio Productions offers free shipping to all of the lower 48 United States. Please visit for more information. If you’re considering some bathroom remodeling, take a look at the vanities that Bath Gems has to offer. Bath Gems is an online bathroom furniture store that specializes in exclusive and stylish modern bathroom vanities. Their enormous catalog of quality cabinets, vessel sinks, faucets, and mirrors is sure to have the perfect vanity for your home improvement or bathroom remodeling project. All of their vanities are manufactured from 100% natural reclaimed and recycled hardwoods. The folks at Bath Gems consistently strive to implement the greenest manufacturing methods possible by using reclaimed and recycled wood from sustainable wood plantations in all of their vanity cabinets. Additionally, many of the bathroom vanity components are assembled by hand rather than by energy-guzzling machines. So�make the one and only�stop you'll need when�shopping for the perfect remodeling d�cor and accents, for indoors and patio, at LTD Online Stores.
Tara Short, Founder of Green Edventures takes teens on eco-adventures she once only dreamed about as a child growing up in the suburbs of Chicago.  Tara spent her teen years snorkeling in her grandparents’ pool, imagining an oceanic world filled with dolphins and colorful fish. Today she has channeled that enthusiasm into the founding of her own teen eco-adventure company, Green Edventures. With Tara, teens go to Alaska and Mexico to experience conservation and climate change first-hand.  She explains her passion by saying, “Through Green Edventures, I get to take teenagers to the places I only dreamed about as a child. I hope these experiences will connect them to wild places and motivate them to be active environmental citizens.” “Free diving is an amazing experience," says Joe Buckley, a student from Des Moines, IA. “The feeling of being twenty-five feet beneath the surface of the Sea of Cortez is something you cannot get anywhere else. You see fish you can only imagine exist. You get to learn the personalities of different fish and interact with all kinds of sea invertebrates. We got to hug a very friendly wild sea lion and play with her for a couple hours. We spent pretty much everyday on the water all day. These are some memories that will stay with me forever.” True to her environmental commitment, Tara plans each trip to be carbon-neutral and includes a conservation project in partnership with the local communities visited. Through these trips, science concepts come to life. “Watching teachers on our trips bridge classroom concepts with real-world experience is inspiring. They can now directly connect scientific facts and figures to conservation projects and salty sea air,” Tara said. “Teens are the future decision-makers and voters. How can they protect an ocean and a rainforest if they have never seen it?” Tara asked herself in the early days of forming her company. Now as the Founder and Director of Green Edventures, Tara has come a long way since her days of exploring the Chicago suburbs. She has seen first-hand the impacts people are having on ecosystems throughout North and Central America. She pledges to make each eco-adventure an opportunity for students and teachers to develop a sense of place and learn tangible ways they can make a difference. “Nature has so much to teach us," says Victoria Horstman, a student from Des Moines, IA about her Green Edventures’ program in Baja, Mexico. “We just have to tap into what it has to offer.” About Green Edventures: Green Edventures provides action-packed, carbon neutral, eco-adventures in extraordinary locations for teens, teacher-led student groups, and adults. We teach environmental stewardship and global awareness and help protect people, places, and ecosystems through responsible tourism. Teachers travel and participate free. Contact Green Edventures online at,, or @greenedventures on Twitter
Looking to upgrade to renewable energy for your home or business?  Need the right guidance?  Tavac Energy Services is a value driven company that designs and delivers sustainable solutions in commercial and residential solar, wind and efficiency systems. Their mission is to help homeowners and businesses transition to clean energy sources, and in the process, realize financial value, price stability and energy security. Their focus is to provide long term, sustainable value for their customers. Residential customers who want to reduce their carbon footprint and gain energy independence start with an analysis of current and past energy use. It’s an easy process. Most of the information comes straight from your electric bill. Tavac Energy Services also wants to know how you use energy and what your goals are. Whether they’re environmental, energy independence, price stability or somewhere in the middle, they take the time needed to understand your home and your goals so that they can design better solutions for you. For commercial clients, often the first step is the most important. Tavac Energy Service’s energy survey will look at current and past electricity use to determine basic load and use requirements. They review basic information from utility bills and rate structure to understand the design parameters. Then they analyze how energy relates to business requirements. As part of this analysis, they research the available solar and efficiency incentive programs that may be available from local utility providers, and local, state and federal agencies. When the Baseline Energy Analysis is completed, commercial clients receive a general summary of findings and along with Tavac Energy’s recommendations. Tavac Energy Services is an Energy Star Partner, Affiliate Member of Climate Savers Computing, and participates in the CarbonFree® Partner program sponsored by “We strongly encourage others to join with us as we work to minimize our consumption, significantly reduce our waste and eliminate our carbon footprint.”
A sweetriot is a joyful celebration of culture, diversity, and understanding — and the team of rioters at sweetriot seek to create a more just and celebrated multicultural world for our next generation. They’re achieving their mission, one “peace” at a time, by bringing fabulous dark chocolate covered cacao nibs and other delicious chocolate treats to chocoholics everywhere. Sarah Endline, founder and Chief Rioter, grew up in a small farming community and dreamed of building her own mission-based business. After years of contemplation, she founded sweetriot, a small mission-based company in New York City, which strives to build tasty little morsels in a different way for a different generation. Through Sarah's travels, she stumbled upon cacao and knew she had to share it with others. The rioter team began testing it with their friends and learning that many did not know the true story of cacao. Discovered in the 1500's, cacao is a magical, spiritual, and celebrated food from South America, Central America, West Africa and Asia. sweetriot is best known for their original, all-natural treat is made from the actual cacao fruit. The nibs (little beans inside the cacao fruit) are extracted and dried in the sun. The nibs get dipped into three different intensities dark chocolate (50%, 65% or 70%) before being packaged into reusable, recyclable, collectable tins featuring the artwork of emerging artists. And sweetriot encourages its rioting customers to reuse, recycle, or return their tins.  The chocolate-covered nibs are packed with antioxidants and is only 1-2 calories per ‘peace’. At just 140 calories per tin, you won’t ever feel guilty about eating it!  And sweetriot has expanded its line of products immensely in the past two years. Now sweetriot is thrilled to be introducing three yummy dark chocolate additions to the sweetriot line-up, which hit shelves last month. What makes the sweetriot riotBar so special? It is sweetriot’s very first Fair Trade Certified and Organic line. The sweetriot riotBar supports fair trade and sourcing exclusively in Latin America, which directly supports a better life for farming families through fair prices and direct trade. sweetriot continues to support emerging artists by putting original artwork on every package, and celebrates culture & diversity along the way. Sweet for the world and sweet for you, too! And celebrity Rioters abound! A-listers including Sarah Jessica Parker, Drew Barrymore, Eva Longoria, Kevin Bacon, Jerry Seinfeld and Dr. Oz, plus foodie chefs Rachael Ray and Gordon Ramsay have fallen for these yummy ‘peaces.' Sweetriot bars can be purchased at Whole Foods, Safeway, Wegmans, the Vitamin Shoppe, and Zabars, as well as online at  And for the month of October, sweetriot is enticing partners and readers with a 20% discount on the riotBar.  Just shop online and enter the coupon code "carbonfundriot" when making your purchase. So join teamriot. Life is a riot. Sweet.
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