Earth Day is Here!

You still have time to enter the 
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Enter to win, then Plant Trees for Earth Month to earn Ten Bonus Entries for each tree you plant! 

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Just follow these three simple steps: (Click the image to enter now!)

1 - Enter our Caribbean Vacation Sweepstakes by entering your email on our Facebook page. 

2 - Share the sweepstakes with your network to earn five bonus entries for each sweepstakes entry we receive from your shared link.

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(Of course, will also be neutralizing the travel emissions for our sweepstakes winners)

Please share this great opportunity with your employees, families, friends, neighbors, customers and suppliers!

In addition to the carbon offset projects we support, and our donors and business partners support tree-planting projects around the world. These projects help to restore forested lands, conserve flora and fauna habitat, improve soil condition, reduce erosion and improve air quality, while creating job opportunities for the local communities. 

Celebrate Earth Day with your chance to win a fabulous Caribbean Vacation for two, while honoring the earth and helping our environment by planting trees around the world.

Published in carbonfree blog’s “Environmental Triple-Play” combined a tree-planting campaign, which enabled people to help the environment, dine for free and enter to win a Caribbean vacation.  The trip sweepstakes portion of the campaign was awarded in September to Thom and Kari C. of Boston, MA.  The couple spent a week in gorgeous Turks and Caicos with free roundtrip airfare and a condo and car rental included.  Kari realized a lifelong dream of horseback riding on the beach and in the surf. 

“The trip was wonderful -- definitely in our Top Five Vacations of all time. We are extremely grateful to for giving us the opportunity to experience the islands.” said Thom of their fabulous Caribbean vacation.

Entry to the trip sweepstakes portion of the Environmental Triple-Play was accomplished by becoming a fan of on Facebook

Thom and Kari took the time to not only enjoy, but learn about the ecology of Turks and Caicos.  “We snorkeled for the first time at Coral Gardens and off Middle Caicos where we saw gorgeous coral and colorful marine life.  I was aware of both how beautiful and vulnerable Turks' reef is.  The north shore of Turks is protected by the world's third largest barrier reef.  While the country strives to preserve its natural beauty, you can't help but wonder how larger forces like global warming endanger the coral that sustain all these species.  The sea life seemed all the more precious because it is tough to say how long it will survive rising temperatures.”’s trip sweepstakes winners also walked the talk by offsetting their flight on their own.  They were compelled to plant trees and were encouraged by the ease with which they were able to do so on our website at

 Stay tuned for more campaigns in the coming months that combine planting trees and dining for free.  You could be our next winner!

Published in carbonfree blog