Maryland's Bethesda Green public-private partnership for sustainable growth and Bethesda Magazine will be honoring the region’s green leaders at the Bethesda Green Gala Thursday evening at Imagination Stage in Bethesda. is making the Gala a CarbonFree® Event, balancing the event's footprint in support of third-party validated carbon reduction projects that are fighting climate change today. The evening, emceed by former Washington Post columnist Bob Levey, will feature the 2010 Bethesda Magazine Green Award Winners, a seasonal menu with fare from local purveyors, and local/organic beer and wine from Honest Tea. In addition, the gala will hold an auction including local and sustainable trips, gifts and services, including a local commuting offset from Learn more by visiting If you're a business or organization in Montgomery County, Maryland, you can become a Montgomery County Certified Green Business like Visit
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Futurist Planning with Environmental Focus

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As the New Year approaches, we all begin to look ahead. Many of us wish we could plan and control our own futures…  That’s exactly what Glen Hiemstra, founder of, is helping organizations and individuals do – embrace and create their own preferred futures! Glen delivers keynote addresses and conducts strategic planning sessions that are based on three fundamental futurist questions:  What is probable? What is possible? What is preferred? Part of Glen’s preferred future is a commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable development. As part of this vision, has partnered with to offset the emissions attributable to Glen’s travel itineraries and their office operations, in support of's carbon reduction projects. Glen’s trainings help clients to make better decisions today by better understanding their future goals and objectives.  Recognizing how today’s actions will impact tomorrow’s world is a fundamental part of environmental stewardship. Glen Hiemstra and provide tools for effective strategic planning, inspiration for developing vision and practical steps to put the preferred future within the reach of his clients. To learn more about, check Glen’s speaking schedule or book an engagement, visit
The Future is the One Place Everyone is Headed Traveling by train is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel. As a more energy efficient mode of travel, rail contributes less per passenger mile to global warming than either cars or airplanes. When you travel with Amtrak® and offset your emissions, you help fight global warming and improve the future of our environment. And when you join Amtrak Guest Rewards program, you can do even more. For Earth Day through Train Day, the motto for Amtrak’s Guest Rewards Program is “The future is one place that everyone is headed, and how we get there is important.” From Earth Day on April 22nd until Train Day on May 7th, Amtrak Guest Rewards will be matching 50% of all carbon offset redemptions. Guest Rewards members earn points for train travel and can use those points to mitigate their train travel carbon footprint. And what’s more? Both Amtrak and Earth Day celebrate their 40 year anniversary this year! Since 2009 Amtrak and have partnered to offer carbon neutral travel options to customers and for Guest Rewards. Redeeming points with Amtrak’s Guest Rewards is as easy as one, two, three:
  1. Enroll today
  2. Provide your member number at the time of booking and earn points for every dollar spent on Amtrak travel
  3. Use your points to redeem a wide selection of rewards, including free Amtrak travel and carbon offsets
For example, a traveler can contribute 1,000 Amtrak Guest Rewards Points for 1,983 pounds of CO2 or 2,000 Amtrak Guest Rewards Points for 3,966 pounds of CO2. Of course, between now and National Train Day, Amtrak will award a 50% match! To celebrate rail travel and the partnership, will join Amtrak Guest Rewards at the Train Day celebration May 7th at Union Station in Washington, DC. Union Station joins Chicago, LA, and Philadelphia in the day’s celebration of Amtrak rail travel. This year, Amtrak celebrates four decades of providing the nation with vital intercity and high-speed passenger rail service. After 40 years dedicated to serving communities across the country, Amtrak is proud of its role in America's history, but even more excited about what's to come.
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Funds for Forest Conservation

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Carbon financing has saved over 2 million hectares of forest and channeled hundreds of millions of dollars towards forest projects over the last twenty years. This has helped to preserve tens of millions of trees, improve animal habitats, and sequestered millions of tons of CO2. Ecosystem Marketplace released a new report today entitled, State of the Forest Carbon Markets 2009: Taking Root & Branching Out, that details the history of the forest carbon markets and the great progress that was made in 2009. The report outlines trends in the market, and notes recent upswings in activity. has a long history of supporting forest-based carbon offset projects. Currently, supports projects in Louisiana, Nicaragua, Brazil, and China that are reducing carbon and improving local environments. Deforestation and forest degradation account for around 20% of global warming causing greenhouse gas emissions -- more than the global transportation sector. Forest-based carbon reduction projects actually sequester emissions (or take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere) and have been an effective way to help balance out these emissions. The projects supports also help protect or restore habitats, preserve biodiversity and have other benefits for the environment and local communities.
elem1The Fulton Elementary School Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is the first CarbonFree® Green PTA in America. “We are very proud to join CarbonFree® Partner companies and organizations like Discovery Communications, Avis, Amtrak, and others to help the environment, support energy independence, and help make the transition to a clean energy future possible,” states Fulton PTA President Brian Meshkin. “It is our hope that we will teach our kids and lead by example to encourage progress from the grassroots.” As a CarbonFree® Green PTA, Fulton offset its carbon footprint with a donation to, which calculated the carbon emissions from the building usage and attendee transportation to meetings and activities for the 2009-10 school year. Fulton’s donation supports’s third-party validated carbon offset projects in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and reforestation which are reducing global warming emissions today. The PTA will also hold a fundraiser where members and friends can make their homes and cars CarbonFree® with 20 percent of the tax-deductible donations supporting the PTA’s environmental initiatives. Additionally, the Fulton Elementary PTA is reducing its paper and ink consumption by 50 percent, supporting its Environmental Committee’s Chesapeake Bay Day assembly and the school’s soil conservation garden at Fulton Elementary as multi-disciplinary learning experiences, and embarking on other environmental initiatives. The Green PTA Program involves: • Becoming a CarbonFree® PTA Partner by reducing, offsetting the carbon footprint of a PTA’s activities • Reducing paper and fossil fuel-based ink consumption through increased use of electronic mediums • Establishing an environmental or wellness PTA committee that promotes more environmentally conscious choices by families such as carpooling • Completing a Green School certification application in the PTA’s state (if available) • Incorporating environmental protection initiatives in PTA projects “With the great families, teachers and administrators at Fulton Elementary, we are pleased to lead the way and plant a seed here that will hopefully grow and flourish as other PTA’s join us,” said Meshkin.
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Fresh, Organic Ingredients Elevate a Common Meal

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There’s a difference between fresh and frozen, organic and conventional, and foods prepared with less fat than quick-frying. That’s Elevation Burger’s philosophy. Elevating the burger and even the fries it comes with, the company has restaurants in the Mid-Atlantic states, Florida and Texas, and will soon open in New York, Nevada and California. Though it can be challenging to source and prepare quality ingredients, Elevation Burger uses 100% USDA-certified organic, grass-fed, free-range beef. The restaurants also cook with olive oil to reduce saturated fat and avoid trans fats. Reducing the carbon footprint of the foods we eat is important because what we buy and consume can comprise a third or more of our total carbon footprint. Reducing the use of hormones in animals, chemical fertilizers and processed foods helps reduce that footprint. Elevation Burger has been praised for reducing its impact on the environment. The company is also working with to reduce its impact further by offsetting its headquarters’ energy use in support of third-party validated renewable energy projects. If you’re vegetarian or just love fries, check out Elevation Burger’s fresh fries cooked in 100% olive oil. Visit to view their menu and learn more about the company’s philosophy. You can also learn more about reducing your carbon footprint here.
No, these aren’t cards made of carbon copy paper (like kids today would even know what that is). Carbon Cards™ are lottery-like cards covered with scratchable dots. Students take the cards through the community, where people scratch off one or more dots, revealing a donation amount ranging from $1 to $3. They then donate the total amount they scratched off. This allows organizations to raise money quickly and easily, and Gone Green Fundraisers™ donates a portion of its proceeds to’s carbon mitigation projects. While each dot’s scratch-off commitment is small, between $1-3, it adds to $120 per card toward your school or organization’s fundraising goals. “Modern fundraising is challenging,” said Joni Sue Cleavenger, founder of Gone Green Fundraisers™. “It has to be able to generate cash, and lots of it, but people are just as hard off as schools and no one wants to buy things that they don’t want or need. This makes a great school fundraiser!” “These cards really do more with every dollar,” Cleavenger said. “It gives people a chance to do something about the energy crisis with only a small donation and fund their community school at the same time. This has a real, everyday impact on the kids.” Have your kids ever done a cookie dough fundraiser? Remember picking up the tubs of cookie dough from the school, jamming your freezer with them, delivering them on behalf of your kids, and then having literally gallons of leftover cookie dough stare you in the face every time you open your freezer for the next six months? Doesn’t that make scratch-off cards sound lovely? It also has the added bonus of a built-in donation to critical reforestation, renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, as well as the built-in lesson for the kids about the importance of caring for our environment. So at your next community fundraising meeting, we encourage you to bake a plate of cookies from last year's dough and print out some information about Carbon Cards™ to share this great concept. Your fellow parents will thank you.
Advanced Dental Arts is a full service dental office operating in Scituate, Advanced Dental ArtsMassachusetts.  Whether you need a cleaning, basic general dentistry, or advanced cosmetic work, they look beyond your individual teeth so that they can treat not just your mouth, but you the individual. Healthy teeth and gums are just the start. Advanced Dental Arts wants you to smile with confidence at work, at weddings, at reunions, at church, and everywhere. Like many dental offices, Advanced Dental Arts is conscious of the fact that they generate a large volume of medical waste every single day. Many of common dental instruments and materials can't be recycled for sanitary health reasons. However, Advanced Dental Arts invested in digital x-rays and over the last year, switched to full computerization and eliminated all paper patient records. Eliminating such paper use and recycling are a big step to reducing what they can. Advanced Dental Arts also offsets their remaining carbon footprint with To learn more, please visit Advanced Dental Arts.
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