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Carbonfund.org Helps Conference Protect the Environment

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New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility Walks the Talk of Environmental Leadership

BEDFORD, NH – May 9, 2006–New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility (NHBSR), a network of businesses committed to socially responsible business practices, will be offsetting energy use at its 2006 Spring Conference, “Corporate Social Responsibility: A Win-Win-Win Linking People, Principles & Profits,” at the Wayfarer Inn in Bedford, NH on May 11, 2006.

“We are very pleased that Carbonfund.org is helping us to offset the emissions from our Spring event,” said Jill Healey Wurm, conference chair and director of public affairs at Verizon.  “This is a great opportunity to raise awareness about how our actions impact climate change and some of the steps we can all take to minimize our impact on the environment.” added Ms. Wurm.

NHBSR is offsetting the emissions from the event through Carbonfund.org, a leading nonprofit organization which works to make it easy and affordable for any person or business to reduce their climate impact. Carbon offsets - also called renewable energy certificates and ‘green tags’ – enable individuals and businesses to offset the emissions they are responsible for creating in their normal activities, like home, office, driving or air travel emissions by reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in a location where it is more cost effective to do so.  For instance, a clean, zero CO2 wind farm can offset the carbon dioxide produced by a coal-fired power plant that powers a home.

For NHBSR, Carbonfund.org offset 22,000 pounds of CO2 expected to be created by the conference by supporting renewable energy and energy efficiency projects that subsidize the cost of clean, renewable energy and that also help to develop the necessary technology.

The average American is directly responsible for producing about 10 tons of carbon dioxide annually through their home, car and air travel, and their average total annual impact rises to an average of 24 tons when factoring in the purchase of goods and services. Conferences, with the heavy reliance on air travel and other transportation, are an easy first step for any organization to recognize and take responsibility for their carbon emissions.  Carbonfund.org advocates for organizations to ‘reduce what they can, and offset what they can not.’ In practical terms, this translates into greater reliance on car pooling to events, using centralized locations if possible, and limiting electricity usage. Once the organization has reduced the carbon emissions that are practical to achieve, offsetting with Carbonfund.org makes the event carbon free. “Because conferences often bring decision makers together, for Carbonfund.org, it is an excellent opportunity to educate business leaders and to demonstrate that being responsible is both simple and environmentally effective,” said Eric Carlson, President of Carbonfund.org.

The May 11th NHBSR Spring Conference 2006 will be held at the Wayfarer Inn at 121 South River Road in Bedford, NH from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Myron Kandel, one of the founders of CNN and president of the newly created Concord, NH based Initiative for Corporate Responsibility and Investor Protection will be the keynote speaker. Some of the Lead Sponsors are The Browne Center, Pax World, Nixon Peabody LLP, and Timberland who are joined by Partner Sponsors Anthem, Cirtronics, NE Delta Dental, PSNH, & Citizens Funds. Registration is $100 for NHBSR members, $125 for non-members, and $30 for students.  Register online at http://www.nhbsr.org  or by phone at 603-645-2605. 

New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility (NHBSR) is a non profit organization whose mission is to build and support a network of businesses committed to adopting socially responsible business practices, recognizing that people, principles and profits must be linked.  NHBSR believes that businesses can do well while doing good; social responsibility begins locally with each of us; and businesses can be financially successful while bringing out the best in the human spirit, enriching the community and being respectful of the natural environment. NHBSR’s goal is to strive to give its members the most innovative tools possible to help businesses meet these objectives.  For more information, visithttp://www.nhbsr.org.

About Carbonfund.org
Carbonfund.org reduces the threat of climate change by making it easy and affordable for any individual or business to reduce their carbon footprint and support climate-friendly projects. With its easy-to-use calculator, low offset cost per ton of CO2, and certified offset projects, Carbonfund.org is proving that anyone can reduce their impact on climate change easily and efficiently.  Carbonfund.org is a 501(c)(3) charitable, nonprofit organization, and a member of the EPA’s Green Power Network, the Chicago Climate Exchange and Ceres.

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