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Carbonfund.org Offsetting over 3 Billion Pounds of Carbon Dioxide Emissions

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Organization offsets more than some countries produce in a year

[October 31, 2008 – Silver Spring, MD] Carbonfund.org, the nation’s leading non-profit carbon offset and climate solutions provider, announced today it is offsetting over 3 billion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.  These offset projects, including renewable energy, energy efficiency, carbon credits and reforestation projects, were made possible by donations from hundreds of thousands of individuals and hundreds of businesses, including household names like Dell, Orbitz, JetBlue, Amtrak, and Volkswagen.  Founded in 2003, Carbonfund.org has pioneered global warming solutions for individuals and businesses that reduce the climate impact of the donor and support projects that benefit local communities.

“Three billion pounds is a staggering number, equivalent to offsetting the CO2 emissions of 154 million gallons of gas, or the electricity use of 180,000 homes for a year,” said Eric Carlson, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Carbonfund.org. “We started Carbonfund.org five years ago to help make it easy and affordable for everyone to mitigate their carbon impact, and the results we are seeing today support that goal.”

Over 400,000 individuals and 1,000 business partners have contributed to Carbonfund.org to fight global warming. Working with a wide variety of donors is one of the organization’s core strengths.

“I love their carbon calculators; they are accurate and help me save money by allowing me to reduce my exact carbon impact,” said Kiki Jenkins, Carbonfund.org donor and conservation scientist. “Their verified projects help me reliably offset my emissions, and that is very important to me.”
Some of Carbonfund.org’s business partners include Dell, Yakima, Orbitz, JetBlue, Avis Budget Group, Amtrak, Volkswagen, Staples, and Esurance. With Carbonfund.org, many of these companies have been able to create custom programs that help these companies meet their unique sustainability commitments.

“We approached Carbonfund.org because of their reputation as a leader in this field,” said Kelsey Marshall, Co-Founder of Grounds for Change. “Our Carbonfree® coffee has been a great success, thanks in large part to the work that Carbonfund.org has done to create a program that speaks to our environmentally conscious customers.”

Carbonfund.org supports projects globally, including reforestation, renewable energy, and energy efficiency projects. Carbonfund.org supports third-party validated projects that meet the highest international standards along with having an annual third-party portfolio audit to ensure donor funds are allocated correctly and that no double counting occurs. Carbonfund.org has pioneered strict oversight, financial and project transparency and extensive audit processes in the industry.

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