New Hope View Dairy Methane Project

New Hope View Dairy Methane Project

Location: Homer, New York
Project type: Methane Destruction
Standard: Chicago Climate Exchange
Verification/Validation: SES, Inc 

Environmental Benefits

  • Mitigates climate change
  • Waste and nutrient management
  • Controls odor and reduces local air pollution
  • Reduces local water pollution

Community Benefits

  • Locally sourced, renewable energy
  • Development of new technologies
  • Alternative source of income for local farmers

Project Description supports the New Hope View Dairy Methane Project because it helps to reduce heat-trapping methane emissions which in turn, lessen the impact of global climate change. Biodigesters essentially capture methane generated by manure and transform it into a clean, renewable energy source. The flared methane is used to heat the farm. Plans to utilize captured methane to produce electricity are currently under development. 

The New Hope View Dairy Methane Farm has installed an anaerobic digester to treat manure from about 950 cows to reduce more than 40,000 tonnes of CO2 over the project’s lifetime.