Add one more to the list of partners who have won awards and recognition for their sustainability efforts. Kiwano Marketing, based out of Vancouver, Canada, won the Better Business Bureau’s Green Award in part for their outstanding fundraising campaign for the Stanley Park Ecology Society. In supporting one of the world’s best urban parks, Kiwano won accolades for making events greener—encouraging public transit, sourcing locally produced food and wine, cutting paper usage, and offsetting event carbon emissions with in support of third-party validated projects. They were rewarded for their holistic approach to sustainability and raised the bar for sustainability for companies in British Columbia. Kiwano Marketing provides sustainable marketing services to small and medium sized businesses. By providing a high return on investment, Kiwano makes it easy and profitable for a company to improve business practices. Kiwano joins Dell, Staples, Samsung, Motorola, JetBlue, Virgin America and many other partners who have been recognized for their carbon offset and sustainability programs. Over 1,800 companies have joined our movement to fight climate change now and transition to a clean energy future.
Thursday, 04 November 2010 11:41

Win a Clean Air Lawn Care Franchise

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Second chances are rare. Opportunities for redemption in the business world are especially scarce in our current economy. That's why successful business and partner Clean Air Lawn Care pledged to share the wealth by giving away a franchise and an opportunity for a fresh financial start in the new year. Opportunity 2011 is the second annual contest that searches for someone who has the skills, passion and determination to do something positive for themselves and their environment, but who doesn't have the means. Clean Air Lawn Care is the nation's leading full-service sustainable lawn care company, which stands out in the industry with its use of solar-powered lawn mowers, organic fertilizers and quiet electric equipment. The winning candidate will be provided a Clean Air Lawn Care franchise and start-up package worth more than $35K, including training and equipment. Apply by November 5th to win a chance to start the new year fresh with your own environmentally conscious business. Check out the video entry from last year's winner, James Turner of Wilmington, NC.
Wednesday, 03 November 2010 19:26

Climate Change Action Gets Boost from Prop 23 Defeat

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Supporters of action on climate change can look to the defeat of Proposition 23 in California as another example that voters support a strong response to global warming. A divided Congress was apparent from the contentious midterm elections, but that didn't faze voters who defeated what would have suspended California's climate change law, the Global Warming Solutions Act. The law established a timetable to bring California's greenhouse gas emissions down to 1990 levels by 2020 and has been supported by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger as well as Jerry Brown, who won the seat on Tuesday. Brown also wants to bring about investment in the state to create about 500,000 green jobs and 20,000 megawatts of clean power. Over 60 percent of Californians voted to defeat Prop 23. This underscores national polls by The Washington Post and Stanford University from the summer which show that over two-thirds of Americans support action on climate change by the country.
With gas prices trending higher and battery prices falling, plug-in cars are expected to make up 9 percent of the U.S. auto market by 2020 and 22 percent by 2030, according to a Bloomberg New Energy Finance report. Electric cars currently cost more than 75 percent of cars being sold—but individual states are providing financial incentives for people to get on board. California, for example, offers vouchers of  $10,000 to $45,000 for companies that operate hybrid-electric fleet vehicles in-state. You can search for electric vehicle vouchers in your state at the U.S. Department of Energy site and find out how to reduce your driving emissions here.

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Health Care is taking the lead in renewable and alternative energy projects. Right now they are building the largest rooftop solar array in all of North America in York, PA at the company's Northeast regional distribution center. The solar panels will create enough energy to fully power the equivalent of 400 American homes and has the potential to reduce 3,000 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. GSK plans additional solar projects at various facilities in the U.S.

The image above shows one of the solar panels for the array. GSK has taken upon itself a clear goal of sustainable growth. They have built solar energy projects around the world in places such as Belgium, Singapore, Australia, Mexico as well as the U.S. They have been pursuing energy efficiency and alternative energy projects for the last decade. GSK recognizes the salience of climate change and has been taking steps to offset its carbon emissions as well.
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Climate Change & The Elections - How You Can Help

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Keep the climate in mind this Election Day. How do you know where your candidates stand on fighting climate change? The nonprofit, nonpartisan Project Vote Smart has launched an interactive tool, VoteEasy, that matches you with candidates based on your view of climate change and other current issues. Enter your zip code and get a local report of your candidates' positions. You can use VoteEasy at No doubt this election will affect how the nation addresses climate change at home—where Congress has yet to pass comprehensive climate legislation—and abroad, with the next major round of U.N. climate talks in Cancun, Mexico later this month. As The Washington Post's Juliet Eilperin notes, the U.S. could be in a bind should Congress become further deadlocked on the issue of climate change, despite the fact that the administration says it is not backing away from the pledged 17 percent reductions in greenhouse gas emissions vis-a-vis 2005 levels. The elections will affect whether or not, and how, Congress or the EPA acts, and how the administration will act in the international arena. If you care about climate change, know how your vote affects the issue and be sure to get out and vote. Partner GreenEcoSavers has now added GreenQuest, a free personal energy information website that combines information on energy spending, weather data, greenhouse gas emissions and energy use for your building. Developed in conjunction with EnergyCAP, their GreenQuest tool also calculates a home or facility’s carbon footprint (remember to offset with what you can't reduce). GreenQuest from GreenEcoSavers is providing tracking up to 3 meters (electricity, water and gas) for free with the help of green sponsors. By using the GreenQuest energy information website, homes and businesses can benefit by setting goals and benchmarks.  Depending on your home or business location, GreenQuest will tell you how your energy usage compares with your friends and neighbors and help you get on the right track to saving money and energy.  You can easily aggregate all of your energy usage data and as an option, obtain an ENERGY STAR building rating (for commercial buildings). You can also share your results on a public, read-only website to showcase your energy conservation efforts. I signed up my downtown DC condo this afternoon–it just takes a few minutes once you have your utility bills.  I can see how my energy usage changes over time and how it interacts with the weather.  I’m excited to add my first energy savings project (which can run the gamut from changing your lightbulbs to adding solar panels) and see how fast I earn my investment back!
California is again the nation’s leader in the realm of energy efficiency. This is even more impressive when we consider that California is the nation's fourth largest producer of electricity and is the leading importer of electricity. The conclusions are by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. Improvements to energy efficiency include modernized building codes, energy-efficiency targets and advancement of energy-efficiency programs. Moreover, California is the undisputed leader in renewable energy production. However, Massachusetts has been rapidly gaining on California in the last several years by increasing investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency. The American Southwest made the biggest improvements in energy efficiency. New Mexico, Utah and Arizona are all climbing fast in the rankings. The region is quickly becoming the go-to area for energy efficiency in the country. The states in the Southwest are in the top half of states in terms of energy efficiency. Already 27 states have fixed energy-efficiency targets and these states account for over two-thirds of America’s electricity. This is double the number of states from four years ago. You can learn more about these states here.