Linda Kelly

Linda Kelly

Last year’s beg bug scare led many of us to examine that overlooked daily companion, our mattress.  But Michael Penny was way ahead of most of us -- he made it his life’s work to create a healthy, comfortable, organic and non-toxic mattress as an alternative to conventional ones. What would lead a yoga-practicing, organic-food-eating marathon runner to start a mattress company?  He couldn’t sleep. Michael had insomnia, ironically at its worst while he was working for a futon company. In part, what he’d learned about materials and practices in the mattress industry was keeping him awake. So he resolved to create a new kind of mattress company that offered a new level of quality and service. In 2003, The Savvy Sleeper opened in Charlottesville, Virginia, drawing customers from as far away as Baltimore and North Carolina. Finding an organic mattress to sell was a tall order. Even the biggest companies in the “natural mattress” niche were using only some organic materials, or making mattresses that weren't very comfortable. So Michael and his team decided to make their own. Toxic chemicals are used widely in the mattress industry today, and their long-term effects are worrisome. All Savvy Rest Organic Mattresses are made of natural Dunlop or Talalay latex rubber, with durable casings of certified organic wool and certified organic cotton. Customers can choose very firm, very soft, or anything in between for their Savvy Rest Mattress, with differing firmness on each side. And a natural latex mattress performs consistently for decades—Savvy Rest Organic Mattresses offers a 20-year warranty on their mattresses. Savvy Rest offers its customers three ways to shop: in person at an authorized dealer, online or over the phone. Their website walks customers through the basics of mattress shopping, and delves into the benefits of chemical-free mattresses and how to fit a mattress to provide customized comfort that’s best for you. The Savvy Rest commitment to its customers is based on four tenets:  purity, comfort, integrity and value. From a few trend-setting retailers just a few years ago, they now have a large network of over 60 independently-owned dealers across the states who have responded to Savvy Rest’s reputation for quality, integrity and service. And shop this weekend to enjoy reduced prices before a February 1st increase!
According to Ron and Mary Ober, the people of El Salvador are among the most generous and determined you'll find anywhere. Emerging from a civil war, they are striving to improve their daily lives and rebuild their ravaged country. Ron first visited El Salvador over two years ago, through a connection made by a local social justice group who focuses on Central America. When he learned the story of the 1980s and what El Salvador went through, he and Mary became convinced that they should spend the rest of their lives helping the people of El Salvador to rebuild. Revy Fair Trade Products works with individuals and co-ops to help them earn a living wage and provide a brighter future for themselves and their children.  Revy Fair Trade Products sells accessories made by women’s co-ops in El Salvador. These co-ops are paid a fair wage so that the artisans can improve their lives while providing enough income to keep their children in school. Revy Fair Trade founders, Mary and Ron Ober, believe that economics and eco-justice are intertwined. The artisans they support need a sustainable environment in which to live and work. Their products come from nature, using renewable items such seeds for jewelry or natural dyes for handbags. In addition, Revy Fair Trade offers reclaimed and recycled products created from items such as abandoned tires and used plastic shopping bags. Revy means revitalization.  The folks at Revy Fair Trade approach nature as they do their artisans. With nature, the emphasis is both on recycling and natural materials. Their product line consists of:
  • Jewelry created from clay, bamboo, coconut shells and a variety of seeds.
  • Handbags dyed with indigo, teak, tree moss and other organic materials.
  • Recycled materials including plastic bags, glass, used tires and leather scraps.
When you purchase an item from Revy, you help the people of El Salvador and the planet at the same time. The fair trade movement was founded over 65 years ago in the United States to help workers in developing countries. Since then, it has spread globally, and probably has its strongest following in Europe where fair trade products are common.  Fair trade movement goals are to pay artisans a fair wage in the local context, provide health care and educational opportunities, ensure that working conditions are safe and healthy, with no forced overtime without pay, prohibit the exploitation of child labor, discrimination or sexual exploitation, involve employees in decision-making processes, and to use sustainable environmental practices wherever possible. The folks at Revy Fair Trade believe that all workers have the right of association to form their own co-op, receive a living wage, and work without fear of abuse or their own safety. Economic justice and social justice cannot be separated. “Our slogan is ‘Handcrafted, eco-friendly, and fair.’ To be truly eco-friendly, we must go beyond just producing renewable products from nature or recycled materials. We choose to offset our carbon footprint created primarily by transporting and shipping product. helps us do this,” says Ron Ober, co-founder of Revy Trade. Shop with a conscience. Shop fair trade. Want to learn more about the fair trade movement?  Start with the Fair Trade Resource Network to explore what other groups and individuals are doing to help the cause.
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Renew Your Skin Care Routine with emerginC

A new year brings many resolutions, often including ones to improve and better care for ourselves. If you’re seeking a healthier skin care regime, check out emerginC and their skin care products. emerginC was launched in 1996 with a single product: their now well-known vitamin C serum. Since then, emerginC has developed into a comprehensive line of active, advanced cosmeceutical products and professional treatments that deliver rapid, visible results for all skin types. emerginC’s online skin care regimen guide assists customers in selecting the products that will work best for them, providing options for all skin types and conditions. emerginC is a remarkably effective, full line of active, result-oriented products containing a wide variety of pure, potent botanicals and fruit acids, as well as cutting edge medical and cosmeceutical-grade ingredients from all over the world. The products are paraben-free, free of artificial colors and fragrances, and sourced with natural ingredients wherever possible. No animal testing or animal ingredients are used in any emerginC products, and in an ongoing commitment to the environment, their product boxes are printed on Forest Stewardship Council and Sustainable Forestry Initiative certified paperboard, printed with non-toxic vegetable-based inks. emerginC is always seeking the latest scientific breakthroughs to help their customers combat the visible signs of aging skin and other skin issues as effectively as possible, offering products and facials with unparalleled results after only a single treatment.  emerginC’s scientific organics line is an active, 100% natural, paraben-free and synthetic fragrance-free, result-oriented line, with a minimum of 70% organic ingredients in every item. Active ingredients include a wide variety of antioxidant-rich plant and marine extracts and vitamins, as well as proprietary plant-based hydrating and brightening complexes. emerginC scientific organics help to rapidly improve skin tone, texture, and clarity, as well as to actively fight free-radical damage and combat the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines associated with aging. And environmental commitments are important to emerginC as well. “We take many steps to minimize our impact on the environment, including planting an indigenous tree for every retail-sized emerginC scientific organics product sold, via our partners at Plant It 2020. Our corporate office runs on wind power, our product boxes and brochures are made from paper from well-managed forests, printed with vegetable inks, and we ship our orders with biodegradable packing "peanuts". We chose [and joined the CarbonFree® Partnership] because of their efficiency, the on-the-ground solutions they deliver and the fact that they don't engage in carbon offset trading.” Ian Lirenman, C.E.O. and Founder Shop their full product line on their website, and be sure to check out the special offers on the emerginC website for special savings.  emerginC products and treatments are available at dermatologist offices and at top spas worldwide, and emerginC is a proud member of the Green Spa Network and a proud compact signer at
Nestled along the banks and brushed by the gentle breezes of the Chesapeake Bay, the Inn at Tabbs Creek beckons with a promise of pure relaxation in an eco-focused environment of country living and wholesome dining, surrounded by nature’s beauty.  Innkeeper-owners Greg and Lori Dusenberry established the Inn three years ago, inspired by their passion for the environment, organic gardening and farming, sustainable living and green building practices. Guests at the Inn at Tabbs Creek are treated to the comfort of the Inn’s environmentally-focused and lovingly restored accommodations and amenities, including outdoor swimming pool, bayside dock and a myriad of outdoor activities.  Sumptuous meals are prepared from on-premises organic gardens and locally grown fare.  The beauty of Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay surrounds the Inn. The Inn at Tabbs Creek takes its environmental commitment seriously.  Beyond their own sustainable renovation and management practices, Greg and Lori have chosen to partner with to proactively offset the carbon emissions for the overnight stay of each of the Inn’s guests, in support of's carbon reduction projects. Winners of the 2010-2011 “best innkeepers” award from, Greg and Lori await your arrival and are ready to accommodate your needs! You can visit the Inn's website at
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Redefining Green at EcoVerte

Each year 80,000 trees are felled just to make pencils. A standard plastic pen takes over 1 million years to decompose in a landfill. More than 40 billion used water bottles end up as garbage or litter each year. There’s a company trying to change this and reduce the waste. EcoVerte was founded with the specific mission of reinventing conventional office, stationery, and school supplies using eco-friendly materials and methods. “At EcoVerte, we are redefining green. We offer a complete line of products made from recycled paper and plastic, sustainably-harvested bamboo, and biodegradable materials,” said Brian Lampl, President of EcoVerte. “By using these components in combination with our manufacturing process, we are not only able to produce high-quality, innovative products at an affordable price but also save trees from being destroyed and repurpose materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.” Customer favorites include the Bamboo Pen made from natural bamboo, an environmentally friendly alternative to wood, and PLA, a biodegradable non-petroleum based plastic derived from natural plant sources; the Bottle Pen made from repurposed plastic bottles; and Newspaper Pencils made from recycled newspaper – no wood is used.  Each pencil starts with the highest quality No. 2 / HB graphite for smooth, even writing. Then it is tightly wrapped in 50 layers of recycled newspaper and sealed using a non-toxic adhesive. The result is an extremely durable, waterproof, splinter-free pencil that can be sharpened in standard pencil sharpener. EcoVerte’s line includes a variety of pens, pencils, notebooks and accessories made from eco-friendly materials. The products are packaged in simple recycled and recyclable packaging, reflective of the brand’s mission.  And EcoVerte offsets its office emissions through, supporting reforestation projects around the world. So help do your part for a greener tomorrow. Shop at for high–quality, sustainable office, stationery and school supplies.          


Need to brighten up your computing accessories? Fond of pink? Check out the fun, sleek, fashionable – and very pink - laptop bags, totes, cases and sleeves at Rainebrooke™. Rainebrooke offers a wide variety of stylish pink laptop bags, pink laptop cases, pink leather laptop bags, pink laptop totes, iPad cases, messengers, sleeves and more. Their collection of pink laptop bags and cases includes professional styles for the office, pink bags which are perfect for traveling, backpacks for school, or everyday bags for short trips to the coffee shop. In 2012, Rainbrooke will be expanding to offer a wider variety of pink bags and cases, including luggage, diaper bags and more.  Rainebrooke provides super fast shipping, personal support, and a 100% safe and secure shopping experience. Steve Fronek, Founder of Rainebrooke, explains how the company got started. “In the summer of 2005, my wife came home from a business trip and mentioned to me that she was tired of having such a bulky, boring, black laptop carrier.  She said to me, "why don't companies recognize that women want more stylish, colorful laptop bags similar to the variety that is seen in handbags?" At that time, colorful laptop bags were not readily available. The next day I sat at the table, watching my two daughters color with crayons, and thought about my wife's comments. I glanced at the  colorful pictures my daughters made, and thought 'why not offer laptop bags in a variety of colors like the many colors in a box of crayons?' At that moment, I decided to start a company that offers colorful laptop bags and name the company "Rainebrooke", the combination of my daughters' middle names.”  By late 2009 Rainebrooke decided to refine their focus and specialize on the one color they know best... Pink! In March of 2008, Rainebrooke officially went “green”, making numerous changes to their business operations, and made a commitment to protect the environment. To do their part, Rainebrooke has adopted the motto of “Reduce What You Can, Offset What You Can’t®”. Rainbrooke emission reduction efforts include the following:
  • Using mainly-recycled paper, packaging and shipping boxes;
  • Saving store information electronically vs. storing paper documents;
  • Reusing and recycling materials to reduce consumption;
  • Using energy efficient lighting in the office and warehouse;
  • Turning off all office computers, printers and othe electronics when not in use;
  • Adjusting thermostats to conserve energy;
  • Choosing a "green" website hosting company;
  • Offsetting product shipment emissions. 
To offset the remaining business emisions that Rainebrooke can't eliminate, they have partnered with, to further reduce their business carbon footprint to zero. "While Rainebrooke is committed to our customers and products, we also believe in being socially and environmentally responsible," says Steve."There's more to business than the bottom line. We want to do our part to protect the world for many generations to come and our partnership with will help achieve this goal."
We all know that a business needs a smart and relevant advertising strategy, but many of us think that simply having one is enough. In fact, there is research indicating that many firms with an online presence haven’t revamped their advertising campaigns in years. So, is your marketing plan an asset…or a liability?  Is your advertising placement doing the trick?  In the same way that retail stores move around their floor sets, you need to refresh your marketing approach and advertising placement to attract new customers and keep your current patrons coming back. You have to maintain and improve it, make sure all of your information is updated, and post any notices that have recently mentioned your products or your work. Tiger Media is an innovative market leading advertising empire, serving over 20 billion ad impressions monthly. You may not have heard of Tiger Media, but you have probably seen their ads on the websites you visit. Tiger Media’s goal is to help your business earn more money and become more profitable. Even the greatest business idea is no good unless people know you exist. Let the innovative minds at Tiger Media create a professional or shocking ad campaign to command attention and drive people to your business. They have experience in print, radio, and online advertising. And Tiger Media has an environmental conscience, choosing to offset their business emissions, and then some. As Tiger Media Founder and CEO Jay Van Ginneken says, “We are not only responsible for offsetting our own emissions, but dedicated to offsetting more than our fair share for a better planet. Only by going further than what is necessary will we ever move forward.” Success starts with Tiger Media. If you need to design a new marketing and advertisement campaign or want to improve an existing one, contact Tiger Media today for a free quote for your project.
Looking for a natural way to support your health, strength, stamina and brain power? Purity Products is a leading supplier of “Evidence Based Nutraceuticals” sold directly to the consumer at an excellent value. Purity incorporates the latest scientific research into their elite product formulas and provides world-class customer care through its Cycle of Excellence. What started as a three person operation providing water filters has blossomed into a thriving nutritional and health products company, developing science-based nutritional supplements and delivering products directly to their over two million customers.  Purity also strives to make the world a healthier and better place to live through dedication to quality, honesty, and civic and corporate responsibility through its Green initiative. Purity uses the latest scientific research to bring premium quality products to the marketplace. Utilizing the same stringent standards it applies to products and customer service, Purity Products has made a standing commitment to environmental preservation and conservation. Purity Products is taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint, continually looking for ways to improve the energy efficiency of its operations and reducing the company's green house gas emissions, as well as working to partner with companies that adhere to the same values. Each year, Purity Products completes an analysis of its operational emissions, then purchases Renewable Energy Credits and carbon offsets to compensate for those emissions they cannot eliminate, thus supporting’s mission and projects. The Purity Products website provides its customers with nutritional news and information, and check out the money-saving monthly specials for products at truly exceptional values.

Not just smart, but environmentally conscious as well. The Rich Family has provided turn-key construction management, mechanical construction and energy savings solutions to small and large businesses in the greater northeast for almost 100 years. The original business was founded in 1918 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where it was involved in the development of the city's thriving boardwalk scene.

Today RICH Energy Solutions (RES) focuses on energy consumption and renewable energy sources to address the sharp reality that the cost of fuel is a serious financial consideration to most businesses and facilities. In 1995 RES performed its first energy solutions retrofit for a large warehouse and furniture complex. RES secured financing for the project and used the energy savings to cover the interest and principle of the loan and provide a positive monthly cash flow for the customer. After hundreds of these projects, RES now has the ability to quickly analyze any facility and immediately determine the suitability and savings of their programs for the customer.  And the experienced staff at RES can help you navigate the various incentives and rebates available through state and federal programs to help realize additional savings. Rich Energy Systems has expanded its support of energy efficiency projects by committing to making donations to based on the volume of emission reductions they achieve on each customer's project. Now more than ever, it makes good business sense to adopt energy-efficient practices, install energy-efficient equipment, and support and install renewable energy systems. Not only will the energy improvements contribute to the economy and environment, but customers also realize bottom-line savings for their business. If you recognize the potential for huge energy savings in your building and you’re ready for bold steps to reduce your energy costs as soon as possible, talk to the Rich family today about their innovative solutions at (609) 407-2800.
Behind every good doctor, research scientist and medical innovation, there is a company providing an array of products and services that aid in the research and development of new medical procedures, treatments and cures. Add a social conscious and an environmental commitment, and you’ve got a very special company. Promega is a leader in providing innovative solutions and technical support to the life sciences industry. What started as the production of enzymes for researchers has evolved to offering over 2,000 products for a broad array of scientific research applications. Promega products continue to be key in advancing life science research and industries. Through extensive investments in research and development and commitment to quality, Promega provides valuable tools to its customers and aid progress toward a better future. Founded in 1978, Promega Corporation is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, with branches in 14 countries and over 50 global distributors. Promega products are used primarily by customers to understand the molecular basis of life and potential mechanisms of disease, as well as to identify attractive targets for drug development. The principal customers in the life sciences research and drug discovery markets are laboratories generally associated with universities, medical research centers, government institutions, and other research institutions as well as biotechnology, pharmaceutical, energy, agricultural, and chemical companies. Promega’s core culture embraces the concepts of sustainability as they strive to create long-term success by embracing opportunities and managing risks derived from economic, environmental, and social progress. In 2009, Promega launched a formal Corporate Responsibility Program by publishing their first annual sustainability report and developing a baseline of key performance indicators. The team at Promega feels that sustainability is not something that can be added on the side. A successful sustainability program requires a new approach to the way we all do business on a daily basis.  Promega recently launched its third annual report, with strong results in their environmental sustainability goals.  As a company steeped in the life sciences, Promega realizes the importance of preserving the earth’s ecosystems. Promega has a long history of community involvement and environmental responsibility. Promega is committed to addressing a wide range of environmental impacts, from reducing business emissions to using fewer natural resources. Additionally, the Promega community seeks to better understand and reduce its impact on the global environment, through careful control and management of its carbon footprint, and by offsetting its emissions through donations to support’s renewable energy projects. We believe that Promega Chairman and CEO, William A. Linton, said it best: “Sustainability is not simply a way to conduct business; it is the only long-term way to conduct business within a finite and interconnected biosphere.”
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