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Linda Kelly

A sweetriot is a joyful celebration of culture, diversity, and understanding — and the team of rioters at sweetriot seek to create a more just and celebrated multicultural world for our next generation. They’re achieving their mission, one “peace” at a time, by bringing fabulous dark chocolate covered cacao nibs and other delicious chocolate treats to chocoholics everywhere. Sarah Endline, founder and Chief Rioter, grew up in a small farming community and dreamed of building her own mission-based business. After years of contemplation, she founded sweetriot, a small mission-based company in New York City, which strives to build tasty little morsels in a different way for a different generation. Through Sarah's travels, she stumbled upon cacao and knew she had to share it with others. The rioter team began testing it with their friends and learning that many did not know the true story of cacao. Discovered in the 1500's, cacao is a magical, spiritual, and celebrated food from South America, Central America, West Africa and Asia. sweetriot is best known for their original, all-natural treat is made from the actual cacao fruit. The nibs (little beans inside the cacao fruit) are extracted and dried in the sun. The nibs get dipped into three different intensities dark chocolate (50%, 65% or 70%) before being packaged into reusable, recyclable, collectable tins featuring the artwork of emerging artists. And sweetriot encourages its rioting customers to reuse, recycle, or return their tins.  The chocolate-covered nibs are packed with antioxidants and is only 1-2 calories per ‘peace’. At just 140 calories per tin, you won’t ever feel guilty about eating it!  And sweetriot has expanded its line of products immensely in the past two years. Now sweetriot is thrilled to be introducing three yummy dark chocolate additions to the sweetriot line-up, which hit shelves last month. What makes the sweetriot riotBar so special? It is sweetriot’s very first Fair Trade Certified and Organic line. The sweetriot riotBar supports fair trade and sourcing exclusively in Latin America, which directly supports a better life for farming families through fair prices and direct trade. sweetriot continues to support emerging artists by putting original artwork on every package, and celebrates culture & diversity along the way. Sweet for the world and sweet for you, too! And celebrity Rioters abound! A-listers including Sarah Jessica Parker, Drew Barrymore, Eva Longoria, Kevin Bacon, Jerry Seinfeld and Dr. Oz, plus foodie chefs Rachael Ray and Gordon Ramsay have fallen for these yummy ‘peaces.' Sweetriot bars can be purchased at Whole Foods, Safeway, Wegmans, the Vitamin Shoppe, and Zabars, as well as online at  And for the month of October, sweetriot is enticing partners and readers with a 20% discount on the riotBar.  Just shop online and enter the coupon code "carbonfundriot" when making your purchase. So join teamriot. Life is a riot. Sweet.

Since 1984, Lake|Flato has gained national recognition for architecture rooted to its place, responds to the natural environment and merges with the landscape. With a palette of regional materials, they create buildings that are tactile and modern, environmentally responsible and authentic. As stewards of the natural environment and their client’s resources, they shape every project with empirical environmental knowledge and energy modeling resulting in sustainable strategies that artfully respond to each site’s unique context and character. Lake|Flato believes that the best ideas evolve from an engaging and collaborative design process with clients consultants, and within the firm. They create an environment that leverages each person’s passions and unique perspectives to ensure common ownership and innovative solutions. Lake|Flato has received wide critical acclaim from clients, peers, and the press. In 2004, the American Institute of Architects awarded Lake|Flato the National Firm Award, the highest honor the AIA bestows on a firm. Reflecting their commitment to sustainable design, five of Lake|Flato’s projects have been selected as national Top Ten Green Projects by the AIA COTE, and in 2009, the firm was honored with a Texas Medal of Arts. In all, Lake|Flato’s work has been recognized with over 100 national and state design awards. For over 25 years, Lake|Flato has employed practical and thoughtful sustainable strategies that conserve resources, engage nature and promote healthful living. Simply defined, sustainable design is smart design that looks beyond the building and considers the larger context. Their design process is collaborative and integrates knowledge from a wide range of sustainable expertise. It requires a look to art, science and nature … to listen and learn. They benchmark building energy performance from early-stage modeling through completion to verify the efficacy of designs and strategies. This data allows Lake|Flato to measure progress towards their goal of carbon neutral design by the year 2030, in fulfillment of the firm’s commitment to The 2030 Challenge. The 2030 Challenge efforts will be guided by the Lake|Flato “Green Beam,” who have instituted sustainable practices into daily operations, offer internal education programs and disseminate best practices through FlakeNet, the firm’s intranet wiki site. The Sustainability Coordinator also engages directly with projects that do not have a sustainability manager by performing energy models and sustainability reviews on a regular and scheduled basis. Finally, the firm has also committed to certifying every residential project under the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED for Homes program. Building performance is measured against 2030 Challenge goals and communicated to the design team. “Our firm makes a concentrated effort to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, but what we can’t reduce, we offset.’s CarbonFree Program has aided us in our goals for carbon neutrality,” said Sustainability Coordinator Heather Gayle Holdridge, LEED AP BD+C.

Green Earthling Deals, a green and tech deals service, is partnering with many amazing companies with cool products to offer to you at a significant discount.  EarthTechling launched this service to help readers who want affordable  green options, and at the request of advertisers who work closely with EarthTechling to find options that work for readers' budgets too. Subscribe to the Green Earthling Deals weekly email by Friday, November 25, 2011, and EarthTechling will donate $1 for every new Green Earthling Deal subscriber towards’s tree planting efforts (capped at $3000 total donation).

Do the stylish people on your holiday shopping list need a good partner to help protect their new phones, tablets, laptops, and readers? Sure they do, and here's the partner to help. SGP is a company which designs and manufactures scratch-resistant coating films and cases to ensure the everlasting quality of your delicate devices. Their products are designed and manufactured with a mind-set to maintain the highest quality standards, and their "Direct to Customer" marketing approach helps to curtail marketing costs and allows SGP to pass on savings to the customers with competitive prices. SGP distributes its products worldwide and offers amazing lifetime warranty on all its products. And SGP's commitment extends to environmental responsibility.  In the fast-paced and ever-changing consumer electronics industry, SGP has grown tremendously and has committed to give back to the essential needs of our world. “At SGP, we strive to protect our customers’ favorite gadgets. That is why we felt it was natural to take the steps towards protecting our environment by joining has given SGP the opportunity to help in the reforestation and prevention of deforestation of our world’s rainforests. We are excited to be a part of this effort to improve the world for this generation and the next,” says James Jeon, President, United SGP Corp. SGP knows that participating in carbon offsets programs is great. However, environmental responsibilities should not be limited to projects; it should be a part of everyone’s daily routine. Accordingly, SGP’s office has implemented several environmental practices to curb their carbon footprint. So if your holiday gift-giving includes the latest in electronic gadgets, be sure to protect those gifts with the cases and protective films from the sgpstore, a company dedicated to protecting devices and the environment.

With Earth Day on its way, it's time for some spring cleaning of your corporate sustainability and responsibility (CSR) programs to ensure you're meeting your environmental commitments.  For great green CSR advice, talk to Weber Shandwick. Weber Shandwick has built a collaborative team of the industry’s most talented professionals, a client roster that includes many of the world’s most recognized and respected brands, and a proven track record of unparalleled performance. They provide strategic counsel and program execution services that span the complete range of communications disciplines and industry sectors. Services range from marketing communications, media relations and issues management to public affairs, crisis communications, and CEO and corporate reputation management. Their specialized integrated services include interactive and emerging media, advocacy advertising, market research and visual communications. Understanding social and environmental impact has become an integral part in the development of a long-term business and communication strategy.  Consumers worldwide have become increasingly aware of – and active in – social and environmental issues. People young and old, and in most parts of the world, are holding companies, non-profit organizations, governments and even themselves more accountable for minimizing impact on the environment and maximizing support for their fellow human beings.  The Weber Shandwick Social Innovation Greenhouse works for clients who want to support and empower these consumers. Planet 2050 is Weber Shandwick's specialist global Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability group. This group works closely with Social Innovation colleagues around the world drawing upon the unrivalled corporate responsibility expertise within the Weber Shandwick network. Weber Shandwick takes its commitment to being green and providing a sustainable work environment seriously. In May 2008, Weber Shandwick North America received the prestigious ISO 14001 green certification, becoming one of the first multi-office PR agencies in the U.S. to be certified. Their London office led the way with its ISO 14001 certification in 2007, and the firm is committed to roll out these processes in offices around the globe.  Weber Shandwick has formed employee green teams in their offices around the world to ensure they continue to meet the rigorous ISO 14001 certification requirements and to help develop creative solutions in order to bring "green thinking" to the forefront of all business practices.  One such practice includes the carbon offsetting of non-billable employee flights through  We're proud to have partners like Weber Shandwick who "practice what they teach" with truly green corporate sustainability responsibilities.
Last Sunday’s New York Times Travel section featured Brooklyn, NY as its 36-hour weekend destination.  Along with the culture, parks, shopping and dining, plan your trip for the last weekend in April and you’ll have another great reason to visit., a guide to local getaways around New York City since 2000, will host the first of its kind "Green Getaways, Local Food & Travel Expo" at Skylight One Hanson in downtown Brooklyn, NY on April 30, 2011.  Presented by Amtrak© and Zipcar©, the Expo will feature over 50 getaway destinations from wineries and local farms to resorts and bed & breakfasts, all within a day’s drive or train ride of New York City. Expo attendees will see how destinations and lodgings from Maine to Maryland are “going green” and find out what’s new in local and sustainable travel. In addition, there will be eco-friendly travel gear for sale, Expo-only escape specials and getaway deals and packages offered by Metro-North and Long Island Railroad. “We’ve highlighted destinations accessible by mass transit for over 10 years, but now with the public’s keen interest in organic and local ingredients and reducing their energy consumption, in conjunction with the lodging industry’s new focus on greening their properties and operations, the timing was finally right to bring the movement all under one roof,” explained Margo Jones,’s new V.P. of Sales & Marketing. “It’s really gratifying that our efforts are supported by Amtrak©, a leader in energy efficient travel, and Zipcar©, an innovator in reducing environmental impact with their urban car-sharing concept.” “We’re so excited to be debuting the Green Getaways, Local Food & Travel Expo in Brooklyn at Skylight One Hanson,” says Caylin Sanders, founder and president of,  as well as a Brooklyn resident for 15 years.  Originally built in 1927 , the gilded-dome building has been completely refurbished into high-end luxury condominiums with sweeping views of Brooklyn and the Manhattan skyline.  The ground floor, opened in 2010 for special events and the Brooklyn Flea market on weekends, is a 15,000 square foot venue and a perfectly preserved Art Deco masterpiece. The venue sits adjacent to the Brooklyn Academy of Music and the Atlantic Terminal Mall - a shopping center and transportation hub where 9 subway lines, buses and the Long Island Railroad converge. In order to offset the carbon footprint of the event, is working with Green Mountain Energy and “Our recycling efforts will be coordinated by GrowNYC’s Office of Recycling Outreach and Education,” says Sanders, “and Strategic Sustainability Consulting is helping us evaluate the biodegradability of materials we use for the Expo—from show bags, to signage, to balloons.” Mass transit to the Expo is encouraged and there will be bike parking available. Admission for’s Green Getaways, Local Food & Travel Expo is $10 online and $12 at the door. Kids 10 and under are free.  Tickets can be purchased online at So hop on Amtrak or hire a Zipcar, and spend a lovely green spring weekend in Brooklyn.
The folks at Tambobamba are so passionate about the vibrant flavors of Nuevo Latino Cuisine that they’ve literally traveled high and low—from the lush mountains and forests of Central and South America to the sun-soaked beaches of the Caribbean—learning about and tasting authentic regional dishes at every stop. They came back from this culinary adventure with a mission: to bring you fast, easy-to-prepare, all-natural versions of these exciting dishes, so you can enjoy them any day of the week. Founded in 2006 in Boulder, Colorado, Nuevo Latino Natural Foods produces a line of delicious, quick-and-easy-to-prepare Latin American and Caribbean side dishes and meals under the brand of Tambobamba. Named for an ancient inn along the Inca Trail, every Tambobamba product is all natural, vegetarian, and gluten-free. Enjoying the foods and cuisines of another region is a great first step towards understanding and appreciating their history and culture. In ancient South America, the Incans sent highly-trained runners called chasquis to deliver messages and goods from territory to territory. By way of the Inca Trail—a 14,000 mile-long system of paths and roads that span from Ecuador to Chile and connect the Inca empire—the chasquis would run hundreds of miles over steep and rugged terrain to complete their missions. To provide these extraordinary athletes food, shelter, and a place to rest, over 2,000 tambos, or small inns, were built at intervals along the Inca Trail. The tambos also served as important meeting points—for longer missions, the chasquis worked in relay. One chasqui would run full-speed to the nearest tambo on his route and hand his packet over to the rested chasqui waiting there. This pattern would repeat until the delivery was complete. Working as a relay, chasquis could deliver an urgent message nearly a thousand miles in under a week. Tambobamba is the name of a specific tambo in Peru, and of the town that eventually grew around it. This ancient and beloved symbol of nourishment and restoration was chosen as the company’s namesake, because every Tambobamba dinner is delicious, wholesome, fast and easy to make. So, like the ancient chasquis, you can enjoy a quick, good meal, replenish your body and delight your palate, and then get back to doing the things that are most important to you. As part of their mission, and their environmental and social responsibility goals, Tambobamba joined the CarbonFree® Partnership program, offsetting a portion of their business emissions and supporting the projects of Tambobamba Nuevo Latino Side Dishes and Mojo Bowls are available in a variety of rice & beans seasonings.  The single-serve Latin American and Caribbean meals are ready in less than two minutes, and are made of all natural, vegetarian and gluten free ingredients, packaged in biodegradable bowls.  The perfect choice when you need a convenient and healthy meal, with the flavors of Nuevo Latino, at school, at home or in the office!
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Soul Flower – Cool Threads for Kind Heads

A Saint Paul, Minnesota, landmark bohemian clothing shop is now a soulful online boutique. Soul Flower was founded in 1999 by Peggy Rossi and Mike Shoafstall as a way to promote a bohemian, eco-friendly and peaceful lifestyle. The little shop on Grand Avenue in Saint Paul was a gathering place for college students and locals looking for cool goods with “hippie” flair. Add some vending at local events and festivals, and Soul Flower quickly grew as a popular local shop. There have been a few changes since those days. They no longer have a retail store, but do have a mail order catalog, a digital catalog, and an online shop. Although no longer a physical store, Mike and Peggy have tried to create an inviting and simple online shopping experience where you can feel the soulful vibe. One thing that hasn’t changed is their dedication to bringing their customers unique clothing styles and goods that help them to express who they are in a positive, fun and affordable way. Soul Flower is a “lifestyle” store with an emphasis on products that are made from organic cotton or hemp. They offer everything from funky clothing for women and men to cool duds for the little ones.  Soul Flower is committed to its community and to environmental organizations that “help make this world a better place.”  They believe in being green and print their catalog just twice a year (using soy inks and recycled paper) to reduce their carbon impact.  The clothing and goods sold by Soul Flower are primarily from Fair Trade companies, made in cooperatives or are from small independents in the USA. Soul Flower strives to do their very best to give back and keep the positive vibes going by donating to a number of organizations, such as the Arbor Day Foundation, Camp Courageous, the Iowa Food Bank, after-school arts programs, Conservation Corps, Vega Productions and “Carbonfund has given us the opportunity to eliminate our carbon footprint, and by doing so, it brings us closer to our goal of running a successful business with a minimum impact on the environment,” Mike said. Mike and Peggy are passionate and committed to continue creating the same friendly, community-related atmosphere online that they had at the shop. It can be a tough act - personalizing the internet - but they believe the littlest things make a big difference. As Mikes puts it, “Our company has always been defined by the Golden Rule: treat others as you would like to be treated and everything else will be fine. So, when you're happy, we're happy."
It’s getting to be that time of year again – Hollywood film and television awards shows!  With the Academy Awards only a month away, and nominations released just this week, it’s time to consider the greening of the entertainment industry. One innovative “She-EO” is leading the way to greening film and television production sets.  Tonya Kay’s companies serve sets for Disney, Fox, Universal and Dreamworks, to name a few. Solid Hollywood’s craft service rental trucks bring “the kitchen you’ve always wanted,” stocked with groceries and supplies from Happy Mandible, to major motion picture or network television sets. The Solid Hollywood trucks come equipped with the following tools to green the set:
  • water carts for refilling reusable water bottles at set
  • filtered water spout for refilling reusable water bottles at truck
  • clearly labeled recycling bins
  • composting bins for food scraps and compostable cutlery
  • biodiesel-ready electricity generator
  • biodiesel-ready truck engine
  • LED light bulbs considerably reducing energy consumption
And Happy Mandible specializes in:
  • vegetable oil fueled delivery vans
  • compostable flatware and paper product suppliers
  • organic, raw vegan, gluten-free and health food shopping experts
  • transport for plastic bag and cardboard recycling
  • arrangement for soup kitchen pick up of excess food donations
As carbon neutral companies, Solid Hollywood and Happy Mandible donate to reforestation projects through  The companies also generously support California's Performing Animal Welfare Society, the Los Angeles and Thailand’s “I was born green.  Environmental activism, volunteer work and health advocacy has been the focus of my personal life for decades.  Luckily for me, the film and TV industry are catching up,” says Tonya Kay. “I found several years ago when I was looking for a reforestation and alternative fuel project charity for Happy Mandible to donate to.  It was easy to choose to donate to these projects through for Solid Hollywood as well.  I like that with, I am not only donating to projects I feel strongly about, but also earning a “carbon neutral” badge of honor, which is simply a way to communicate with my business contacts.  As studios now go green, they know that we are already there to support them." Disney has implemented environmental initiatives as part of its corporate responsibility program, and Fox’s 24 was the first television series to go carbon neutral in one season.  Tonya Kay was lucky to have both of her companies on set at these studios for all the sudden green action. [caption id="attachment_7649" align="alignleft" width="250" caption="photo courtesy of, Tonya Kay blog post, photo by Neeta Lind "][/caption] Clients are delighted that Solid Hollywood’s equipment already includes most of their new environmental requests, including water stations (to eliminate plastic water bottles on set by providing a station for refilling personal bottles) and recycling bins.  But it wasn’t until studios provided the funding and transport logistics for compost bins that all the companies that comprise the craft service department were able to realize the dream of successfully separating compostables from recycling and landfill refuge. These sustainability-focused changes mark a momentous moment in movie making, and is glad to have our partner Tonya Kay on location!
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Soaping Up and Saving Lives Goes Hand in Hand

Each year more than 5 million people, mainly children, die in impoverished areas of the world due to respiratory infections and diarrheal diseases. These diseases kill more people in a year than HIV and malaria combined. The majority of these illnesses are caused by the lack of proper hygiene and clean water. Studies have shown that hand washing with soap can reduce nearly half of these infections that ultimately lead to death. Prevention is the key. Simply put, a bar of soap can save a life. And now Hand in Hand Soap helps save lives with its "buy a bar, give a bar" donation program.  For millions of people all over the world, a single bar of soap is unobtainable. This drastically increases their risk of fatal illness that could have easily been prevented. Hand in Hand Soap was conceived in 2011 by two social entrepreneurs who believe that business can do so much more than just make money. Understanding the difficulty that most non-profits face trying to obtain funding, Courtney and Bill set out to start a business based on sustainable giving. By directly tying charitable donations to the sale of an everyday product, Hand in Hand is able to give soap to those in need and save lives without depending on a single donation. For every bar purchased, Hand in Hand will donate the same bar to save a life. "The goal was to come up with a household product people use every day; that had the power to save lives. After 3 years of brainstorming, we came across an article reporting that each year over 5 million people die of diseases caused by poor water quality and lack of proper hygiene. After further research, we discovered that half of those deaths could be prevented with just a single bar of soap. It was at that moment that Hand in Hand was conceived" explained Courtney. All Hand in Hand soap is shipped using eco-friendly packaging, and a portion of all proceeds is used to save 50 square feet of rainforest for every bar sold.  And, after each order is placed, Hand in Hand Soap will purchase the corresponding carbon offsets so that each shipment becomes carbon neutral. Carbon offsetting is a way to counterbalance or compensate for the greenhouse gases produced during shipment. Hand in Hand Soap helps reduce the carbon footprint by supporting projects which remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere through While the primary mission of Hand in Hand is saving lives, they immediately realized the environmental responsibility that goes along with creating and selling soap. "Understanding our environmental impact, we set out from day one to create a soap that was as eco-friendly as possible. We wanted to be proud of our soap and develop a product that was made with sustainable resources, and harvested ethically," Bill said. As such, Hand in Hand Soap is 100% vegetable based, vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free, petrochemical-free, biodegradable, palm-free & cruelty-free, and it is certified by both the Natural Products Association and Fair Trade USA. "To have a product that is truly eco-friendly means more than just having natural ingredients. We have found that many natural soaps use ingredients that ultimately come from intentionally cleared rainforests, which was something that we wanted no part in. Every ingredient in our soap is not only natural, but it is harvested and grown in an environmentally friendly way," explained Bill. So help save lives and start soaping up with sustainable suds™ from Hand in Hand.
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Some costumers feel a little uneasy about Spironolactone ordering anything online. If you are of these people, Diflucan Side Effects rest assured that ordering online is just the same as ordering from a physical pharmacy. The Generic Lexapro only difference that you will experience is that you do not get to actually see us. The Albuterol Nebulizer services, however, are just the same. The products are also just as reliable and genuine. That is something that you can hold onto.