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Boston, MA., June 23, 2006 - today announced that its newest partner, Walden Asset Management a socially responsive investment leader for more than 3 decades, has offset its carbon footprint.  This practical step highlights Walden Asset Management’s commitment to be a leader in the investment community.

Walden Asset Management serves a client base that is deeply involved on issues that impact society.  Considering the implications of climate change, carbon offsets through are a natural extension of the work Walden Asset Management does daily on behalf of its clients. 

“At, we realize that the investment community has a large part to play in the fight against climate change” said Eric Carlson, president of  “We are glad to see that investment firms are engaged on this issue and are excited that Walden Asset Management has partnered with us to offset their company carbon emissions.”

Tim Smith, Walden’s Director of Socially Responsive Investing, stated, “Offsetting our own greenhouse gas emissions fits with Walden’s work as a socially responsive investment firm.  On behalf of our clients, we advocate that companies address greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.  It is fair to expect, then, that we take comparable steps.” is a non-profit organization whose goal is to make carbon offsets and climate protection easy, affordable and a normal way of life for every individual and business. Carbon offsets enable individuals and businesses to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in one location, where it is cost effective, to offset the emissions they are responsible for in their normal activities, like home, office, driving or air travel emissions. For instance, a clean, zero CO2 wind farm can offset the carbon dioxide produced by a coal-fired power plant. has offset 200 tons of CO2 on behalf of Walden Asset Management.  By supporting renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sequestration projects will retire an equivalent amount of carbon offsets.  The financial support from these offsets will then help to continue the development of clean, renewable domestic sources of energy.

About Walden Asset Management
Walden Asset Management ( is the socially responsive investment division of Boston Trust & Investment Management Company. Founded in 1975, Walden has been a pioneer in socially responsive portfolio management on behalf of individual and institutional clients.  Walden blends a disciplined investment style and expertise in social screening with a commitment to using its leverage as an investor to improve corporate social performance.  The partnership encompasses the greenhouse gas emissions of both Walden and Boston Trust & Investment Company.



Carbon credits arranged through offset the gathering’s environmental impact for the entire conference and all attendees

ASPEN, CO., June 27, 2006 – Energy Innovations, Inc., currently developing the world’s first low-cost rooftop photovoltaic (PV) solar concentrator system, announced today that it’s making the 2006 FORTUNE Brainstorm conference –  being held this week in Aspen, Colorado – carbon neutral with, as a practical step to combat global warming. Organized and guided by FORTUNE’s editors, Brainstorm symbolizes the magazine’s curiosity about and involvement with the wider issues that affect the world of business.  Brainstorm’s attendees and panelist include some of the world’s top business executives and major world and national figures.

Energy Innovations is taking action against climate change by teaming with to offset the carbon emission impact of the conference and its attendees. With some 325 people traveling to Aspen, the event will produce over 350 metric tons of carbon emissions caused by air travel, ground transportation and the use of facilities in the hotel and city. and Energy Innovations will offset the carbon dioxide emissions by supporting energy efficiency projects that reduce an equal amount of emissions.

“We at Energy Innovations are working very hard to come up with cost effective solar solutions for the planet to help slow our burning ways,” said Bill Gross, CEO of Energy Innovations and a regular attendee of FORTUNE Brainstorm. “It’s equally as important to do something right now – especially at this conference – to try to help.  Our goal in neutralizing the environmental impact of Brainstorm is to make a small dent, but more importantly, to provide a big reminder about how lucky we all are to have this fuel for now, and how thoughtful we should be about it for our future.”

“It takes a visionary like Bill Gross to realize there are better ways of making electricity—and of running conferences,” said David Kirkpatrick, FORTUNE senior editor and Brainstorm’s director. “We are grateful to Energy Innovations and for making Brainstorm a carbon-neutral conference, and by doing so, educating our attendees and the larger community. All of us have to do our part to help address global warming.” is a non-profit organization whose goal is to make carbon offsets and climate protection easy, affordable and a normal way of life for every individual and business.  Carbon offsets enable individuals and businesses to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in one location, where it is cost effective, to offset the emissions they are responsible for in their normal activities, like home, office, driving or air travel emissions.  For instance, a clean, zero CO2 solar farm can offset the carbon dioxide produced by a coal-fired power plant that powers a home. 

Energy Innovations, Inc. is currently developing the world’s first low-cost rooftop photovoltaic (PV) solar concentrator system, called the Sunflower™. Each Sunflower module tracks the sun throughout the day and year, concentrating its light onto a small panel of PV cells that generate electricity. By replacing large amounts of very expensive, silicon-based PV cells with inexpensive materials such as mirrors or lenses, Energy Innovations expects to drive down the cost of solar electricity by half or more. More information on the company can be found at

About FORTUNE Brainstorm Conference
The FORTUNE Brainstorm conference brings together a unique, multidisciplinary group of global-minded leaders for a dialogue on the challenges and opportunities that arise at the intersection of business, technology, society, and world affairs. For the fifth year, FORTUNE and the Aspen Institute will provide these leaders with an opportunity to step out of their daily context, open themselves to new insights and perspectives, and bring the bigger picture into focus with an eye toward shaping a better future.

About Energy Innovations, Inc.
Energy Innovations was founded in 2000 by entrepreneur and current CEO, Bill Gross, to deliver cost-effective, grid-competitive solar electric power. The company is developing the world’s first mass-produced rooftop photovoltaic tracking concentrator system, called the Sunflower, designed to bring the cost of solar below that of utility-supplied electricity. Energy Innovations is an operating company of Idealab, a creator and operator of technology businesses.



Silver Spring, MD., July 18, 2006—, the leader in carbon offset services, today announced that PHH Arval, a leading provider of fleet management services in North America, had offset the annual emissions from their automobile sales fleet. The emissions total of 448,000 lbs of CO2 was offset via a contribution to retired the equivalent amount of CO2 via credits from a bio-digestion project based in California.

“The demonstration PHH Arval is making in both recognizing the financial impacts of global warming, and the adaptation of its business practices as such is fantastic,” said Eric M. Carlson, Executive Director of “PHH Arval is leading the way in demonstrating that good environmental practices and good business go hand in hand, and is glad to provide our services to their efforts.” is a non-profit organization whose goal is to make carbon offsets and climate protection easy, affordable and a normal way of life for every individual and business. Carbon offsets enable individuals and businesses to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in one location, where it is cost effective, to offset the emissions they are responsible for in their normal activities, like home, office, driving or air travel emissions. By supporting renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sequestration projects will retire an equivalent amount of carbon offsets.

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Instant Karma Films Launches!



Santa Monica, CA -  July 18, 2006 — Industry veterans Craig Farkas & Tanya Hunger have partnered to form Instant Karma Films, the first totally green commercial production company. With a wealth of global production knowledge and experience along with a passion for the commercial making process, Craig and Tanya have set their sights on attracting the top talent to their environmentally and socially responsible, new bi-coastal New York and Santa Monica-based company.

Going beyond the normal constrains of the traditional production company with their eco-friendly initiatives, Instant Karma hopes to inspire others to follow suit. The two partners have embarked on a campaign to encourage industry related vendors as well as the entire production community to reduce their carbon output. Partnering with American Forests, a world leader in planting trees for environmental restoration and, a nonprofit organization that educates the public about the dangers of climate change and makes it easy and affordable for individuals, businesses and organizations to reduce their climate impact, Instant karma will plant at least 10,000 trees this year, offset their carbon footprint and donate a percentage of profits towards environmental and social causes.

Quality, integrity and a “no attitude” guarantee is the company mantra, offering a diverse group of award winning creative talent to service the multiplatform needs of the global advertising community. The shop launches with award winning comedy/visualist/clips director Maxime Giroux; photographer/director Achim Lippoth, world renowned as one of the best child photographers and 2006 Clio and Cannes Lions winner (print); and director/designer Jesse Jacobs, formerly with Anonymous Content. On the east coast Sidney Bowen is onboard as executive producer. The company is currently in talks with a number of other high profile directors with further signings expected over the next few months.

To learn more about Instant Karma Films visit the website at



Kensington, MD temple reduces its carbon footprint to protect Creation, will educate members on dangers of global warming

KENSINGTON, MD., July 19, 2006 - Located in the Greater Washington, D.C. Area, Temple Emanuel of Kensington, Maryland, a leading religious congregation on environmental issues, including global warming, and, a leading non-profit organization making it easy and affordable for any person, business or congregation to reduce their climate impact, today announced that Temple Emanuel is offsetting its carbon footprint in its entirety with

Temple Emanuel has been a leading advocate for change on the environment and global warming for 17 years, educating the congregation and the broader Jewish community about the dangers of climate change and taking numerous actions to create a green synagogue. Through the efforts of its Board, Staff, and Green Shalom Committee, Temple Emanuel has reduced its waste, uses recycled paper, planted a garden inspired by Biblical plants, and created an ark and bimah using locally and sustainably grown tulip poplar trees. Temple Emanuel is active in the community and a leader in both the Coalition on Jewish Life and the Environment (COEJL) and the Greater Washington Interfaith Power & Light Program.

“Global warming is one of the most pressing dangers facing our planet and Creation” said Rabbi Stone of Temple Emanuel. “We all must do our part to reduce our impact on the environment. Our partnership with will focus on reducing our carbon footprint and encouraging our membership and other religious institutions to do the
same,” he added.

“We applaud Temple Emanuel taking this leadership position in the fight against global warming,” said Executive Director Eric Carlson. “Education and action are the two key ingredients in this challenge and Temple Emanuel is proving to all that the solutions to global warming are right before us,” he added.

Temple Emanuel has committed to offset 220,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions by supporting reforestation projects that reduce CO2 emissions and benefit ecosystems, soil erosion and animal habitats. Temple Emanuel will also inform its members of the program and encourage them to offset their climate impact.

“Congregations serve as leaders of the communities. With this program, Temple Emanuel is committing itself to reduce its climate impact and showing our members what they can do,” stated Rabbi Stone. “For those of us who are religious leaders, we must teach others to use less, live more simply, and follow the ancient wisdom of religious traditions. From my own tradition, an Eleventh Commandment: You shall be mindful of your footprints on this earth.”

About Temple Emanuel
Temple Emanuel is a Reform Jewish Congregation affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism. In 2005, it received the Creation Care Award from The National Religious Partnership for the Environment, “In recognition of faithful, creative, and exemplary efforts in caring for creation.” The Temple Board of Trustees has adopted an Environmental Policy Statement which reflects its strong commitment to Judaism, and provides specific, action-oriented recommendations for environmental stewardship.



Silver Spring, MD, July 25, 2006 - is excited to announce that its newest partner, Camphill Village Kimberton Hills of Kimberton, PA, will be offsetting the emissions of its entire annual electricity usage with renewable energy certificates retired by

Located on 432 acres of farms, gardens, and woodlands, Camphill Village Kimberton Hills is part of the international Camphill movement that provides programs and services for children, youth and adults with developmental disabilities. The center has long been committed to reducing its impacts and supporting clean energy is another way it meets its goal of being “a model of sound ecological living.”

“Clean energy is a vitally important piece of our plan to move toward a ZeroCarbon world,” said Eric Carlson, Executive Director of  “We’re proud to work with Camphill Village Kimberton Hills to offset their carbon and provide support to the quickly expanding clean energy markets.”

“So many people and organizations are working to become better world citizens, and this is one of those ways.  We are glad to partner with Carbonfind,” said Michael Babitch, administrator in Kimberton Hills.

For Kimberton Hills, will permanently retire 201,425 kWh of renewable energy certificates (RECs). These RECs are certified by the leading renewable energy certification organization, the Center for Resource Solutions. These RECs will offset approximately 253,796 lbs of CO2, the main pollutant responsible for causing climate change.  This is the equivalent of taking 22 average American cars off the road for a year.

About Camphill Village Kimberton Hills
Founded in 1972, Kimberton Hills’ mission is to encourage individuals, especially those with special needs, to discover and develop their potential in a physically, socially and spiritually therapeutic environment.  One hundred community members with and without disabilities live together as “expanded families” in 17 households on a 432-acre farm in Kimberton, Chester County.  Work enterprises range from the bakery, café (open to the public four days a week), CSA gardens, and dairy farm to craft workshops such as the weavery, pottery and woodshop.  Nurturing and improving the land through the practice of organic, biodynamic agriculture and raising environmental awareness are also important to our work at Kimberton Hills. 

Kimberton Hills is part of the international Camphill movement that provides programs and services for children, youth and adults with developmental disabilities. Karl Koenig, MD, started the first Camphill center in 1940 in Scotland; Camphill now includes over 100 independent communities in 16 countries worldwide.

Dr. Koenig and the Camphill movement were inspired by Anthroposophy, the work of Rudolf Steiner, Ph.D. (1861-1925), an Austrian philosopher and educator. Anthroposophy embraces a spiritual view of the human being and the cosmos, and recognizes the spiritual nature and wholeness of individuals, regardless of handicap.



Unique Partnership Allows Trucking Companies to Offset the CO2 Emissions from their Vehicles

Silver Spring, MD - August 8, 2006 -, a leading non-profit carbon offset organization, and FactorLoads, the premier freight bill factoring service for owner operators and small trucking companies, today announced a new partnership that revolutionizes the trucking industry’s approach to carbon emissions.


The Move Freight CarbonFreeTM program designed by FactorLoads provides the company’s clients an easy way to make their freight hauls CarbonFreeTM by offsetting the carbon emissions that result from hauling the freight. Already more than 20 drivers have been signed up for the program, which demonstrates an unprecedented commitment to climate change from companies in an industry that operates on commodity margins.

The initiative is a part of’s CarbonFreeTM program. CarbonFreeTM, a voluntary effort that gives companies and organizations access to the brand and program support, is designed to build awareness and recognition about climate change and the solutions to stop it.

“Over the past year there has been a tremendous gain in recognition and understanding of the severe consequences of climate change,” said Craig Coulter, Director of Partnerships at “The CarbonFreeTM program is designed so that consumers can ask ‘Is this company accounting for its carbon emissions?’ and recognize quickly that the answer is yes.”

This unique and pioneering partnership is designed so that FactorLoads will administer the program on behalf of its customers and work with to offset and retire the carbon. Participating companies will have the costs associated with the offsets included as part of their overall relationship with FactorLoads, making it easy to manage the program and gauge results. won the right to develop this program after FactorLoads conducted a competitive request for proposals from offset providers nationally.

“More than 30% of CO2 emissions in the United States comes from transportation, with a significant portion coming from the shipment of goods and products,” says Eric Carlson, Executive Director of “With the typical tractor trailer averaging less than 7 miles per gallon, starting a trend in the industry to account for and offset those emissions is a great step forward in our ability to stop global warming. As the first trucking industry company stepping up to offset carbon emissions, FactorLoads is demonstrating the type of leadership needed across corporate America.”

“America relies heavily on trucks and truckers to move goods. By partnering with CarbonFund, our company can play an important role in keeping products moving in a way that companies and consumers can feel good about,” says Anthony Aliengena, president of FactorLoads.

“Our factoring clients who participate in the Move Freight Carbon Free program are differentiating themselves from their competitors in an industry where differentiation is often very difficult,” Aliengena added. “We expect our clients to see an upswing in requests for their services as conscientious manufacturers, retailers and others who rely heavily on independent truckers learn there is a way they can move their companies’ goods on trucks that are offsetting their carbon emissions.

Drivers who sign up for carbon offset program through FactorLoads receive decals for their trucks and marketing materials for their customers explaining the program and the benefits of working with a company that is offsetting carbon emissions. For less than a penny per mile, drivers can fully offset their emissions. And while the cost is small, many customers will be willing to pay a premium for drivers who are offsetting their emissions as they can then market this fact to their own customers and the public.

About FactorLoads
Factorloads, founded in 1996, is the premier freight bill factoring service for owner/operators and small trucking companies. This new breed of freight bill factoring company helps its clients take control over their finances while working independently. We offer flat rates, immediate payments, no reserve accounts or holdbacks of money. Clients who work with FactorLoads choose how they want to factor with us, from a customer-by-customer basis or a load-by-load basis, with no minimum monthly volume requirements. For more information on our non-recourse freight bill factoring services, please contact us at 1-866-218-0030 or visit us on the web at




United States Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) has created the first zero-net-carbon-emission Congressional office in an effort to offset his and his staff’s contribution to global warming. Menendez calculated the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions generated by the professional activities of his offices, including electricity use and the travel of himself and his staff. He then donated to the non-profit Foundation to purchase and retire 347 Megawatt-hours of certified wind energy certificates, and to support the planting of enough trees to remove 250 metric tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

In total, Menendez’s contribution to will offset over 540 metric tons of carbon dioxide. Menendez also enrolled his New Jersey home in the state’s Clean Energy Program, which will offset the emissions from his electricity use there.



Participants Encouraged to “Reduce what you can, and offset what you can’t”

Washington, DC, August 25, 2006 — Clean Air Council, the largest locally-based environmental organization in Pennsylvania, and the nonprofit Foundation, a leading environmental organization making it easy and affordable for any person or business to reduce their climate impact, announced a partnership today to support carbon reductions and carbon offsets.

The announcement arrives at no better time, as United States Senator Robert Menendez (NJ) recently became the first Carbonfree™ lawmaker in the country, offsetting his office and campaign emissions with .

Carbon offsets are also good for Pennsylvania’s environment and economy, supporting projects in Pennsylvania, including a reforestation project at Run Nature Preserve in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Via Clean Air Council’s educational outreach and website, individuals and organizations can learn how to reduce their carbon emissions, and then offset the remainder of their emissions via These efforts are targeted at awareness and action against the effects of global warming.

“More and more, Pennsylvanians are waking up to the serious threats posed by increasing levels of global warming pollution. provides an excellent way for individuals to take responsibility for their own contribution to the global warming crisis,” said Joseph Otis Minott, Esq., Executive Director of Clean Air Council.  “If we’re to prevent irreversible harm to the environment, the economy and public health, everyone needs to pitch in to reduce carbon emissions.”

The average American is directly responsible for producing about 10 tons of carbon dioxide annually through their home, car and air travel, and their average total annual impact rises to an average of 23 tons when factoring in the purchase of goods and services. encourages everyone to ‘reduce what you can, and offset what you can’t.’ In practical terms, this translates into practices such as using Energy Star products, car pooling, and limiting electricity usage. Once someone has reduced the carbon emissions that are practical to achieve, offsetting with reduces their net carbon emissions to zero.

Carbon offsets - also called renewable energy certificates and ‘green tags’ – enable individuals and businesses to offset the emissions they are responsible for creating in their normal activities, like home, office, driving or air travel emissions by reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in a location where it is more cost effective to do so.  For instance, a clean, zero CO2 wind farm can offset the carbon dioxide produced by a coal-fired power plant that powers a home.

“Global warming is a problem that impacts all of us and how we act over the next decade or so will affect our world for generations to come,” said Executive Director Eric M. Carlson. “The good news is that supporting carbon reductions is good for Pennsylvanian’s health, air quality and economy. The Clean Air Council has a long and impressive history of leadership on improving our environment and this partnership will educate thousands of families and businesses across Pennsylvania about the dangers of global warming, the low cost and easy solutions, and economic benefits the state will gain by fighting global warming.”

About Clean Air Council
Formed in 1967 by forward-looking community leaders, policy makers, and progressive business leaders, Clean Air Council works through media outreach, citizen-based advocacy, and government oversight to protect everyone’s right to breathe clean air. Finding innovative ways to make the public aware of the threats presented by global warming and the opportunities for reducing global warming pollution is just one element in a wider program that includes working to develop the market for renewable energy resources, strengthen sustainable transportation, and increase public participation.




UUA General Assembly participants offset over 2 million pounds of greenhouse gases with leading carbon offset provider

Boston, MA, August 30, 2006 – The Unitarian Universalist Association and the Foundation announced today the results of the UUA’s first-ever carbon offset program. Nearly 1,000 participants in the annual General Assembly meeting in St. Louis in June offset their travel-related greenhouse gas emissions, offsetting over 2 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.

“Offsetting the CO2 footprint of GA participants was a logical next step in the UUA commitment to greening our national meetings, particularly because Unitarian Universalists have been studying the issue of global warming for the past two years in preparation for passage of a powerful Statement of Conscience on The Threat of Global Warming/Climate Change at this year’s meeting,” commented Claudia Kern of Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth which proposed this project to the UUA.

“Global warming is an issue that affects every human being, rich or poor, black or white,” said Executive Director Eric M. Carlson. “It is a moral issue that gets to the heart of Creation and our purpose as humans. The actions and decisions we take over the next few years on global warming will impact our world for generations to come. The UUA and their affiliate are providing leadership, vision and action on global warming. We are thrilled to have partners so dedicated to solving our global problems.”, a non-profit organization empowering any individual, business or congregation to reduce its climate impact easily and cost-effectively, calculated the average carbon footprint for participants traveling to St. Louis for the annual event. This included the greenhouse gas emissions from the air travel, and the energy use for hotels and the venue.

Each participant was then given the option to pay an additional $6 to offset their footprint, either during online registration or at the event, and received a sticker at the event signifying their pledge. The UUA promoted the initiative in their registration materials, website and throughout the event.

“This was a big step in the right direction as we continue to promote a sustainable environment,” said Jan Sneegas, Director of General Assembly and Conference Services for the UUA. “We are very pleased by the response in this first year and are already contemplating ways we can increase our participation rate next year.”

About the Unitarian Universalist Association

The member congregations of the UUA affirm and promote “respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part,” and witness on behalf of liberal religious values.

About UU Ministry for Earth

UUMFE provides support and resources to individualUUs and their congregations that they may create a healthy, just, and sustainable Earth. In the past four years UUMFE has accredited 50 UU congregations across the country as Green Sanctuaries.

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