logoWe're happy to be working with Rainebrooke, known for its stylish pink laptop bags and cases, and today they announced continuing to reduce their impact on climate change by offsetting their carbon emissions for a third consecutive year with Carbonfund.org! You can read the press release here! “Our commitment to the environment is a top priority,” says Steve Fronek, founder of Rainebrooke. “We are constantly on the look out for ways to reduce our footprint. By partnering with Carbonfund.org for a third year, we’re getting tips and advice from the best organization out there.” Rainebrooke continues to reduce its carbon footprint by finding new ways to efficiently operate its day to day business. In addition to recycling and maintaining an energy efficient office and warehouse, it has recently reconfigured its shipping system to reduce all paper waste by going to electronic storage of shipping documents. Check out Rainebrooke's gorgeous selection of laptop bags and cases at www.rainebrooke.com.
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Landfillart: An Artist Reclamation Project

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Since 2008, over a thousand artists have taken an old hub cap from the 1930's - 1970's and turned it into a beautiful piece of fine art. This project was started by Ken Marquis, founder of Landfillart, and it has exceeded his expectations. Each hub cap is cleaned and primed and then affectionately called a "metal canvas." While most artists have used acrylic or oil paints to transform their canvasses, many have woven, welded, or glued their hub cap into an artistic masterpiece. To complete the environmental mission of this incredible project, Landfillart has joined Carbonfund.org as a CarbonFree® Partner. LandfillartThe goals of Landfillart are to ultimately compile a book about and photos of the project. The book will celebrate the coming together of over a thousand artists for a common cause - making fine art out of rusted refuse. Next, 200 metal canvasses will be selected to travel and inspire other such movements. The traveling show will portray the art community's effort to positively impact the environment through repurposing waste into art. To learn more and view the metal canvasses, please visit www.landfillart.org.
A national survey released by researchers at Yale and George Mason universities shows that there is a disconnect between Americans’ conservation attitudes and their actual behaviors.   The survey showed that a large majority of Americans have a positive attitude towards conservation efforts such as turning off unnecessary lights, opting for public transportation or carpooling, and lowering the thermostat.  However, despite the optimistic outlook, many individuals are not following through with their behaviors. • 72 percent of Americans say it is important to use public transportation or carpool, but only 10 percent say they "often" or "always" do; • 88 percent of Americans say it is important to recycle at home, but only 51 percent "often" or "always" do; • 81 percent say it is important to use re-usable shopping bags, but only 33 percent "often" or "always" do; The survey also illustrated that when combating global warming, Americans are more likely to show their support through their consumer purchases.  In the past year, approximately 1 in 3 Americans have rewarded companies that are taking steps to reduce global warming by buying their products. “There is plenty of room to improve,” admits Anthony Leiserowitz, director of the Yale Project on Climate Change. “At the same time, each behavior has its own set of barriers...Lowering these barriers will make it much easier for people to act in ways consistent with their values."
Advanced Dental Arts is a full service dental office operating in Scituate, Advanced Dental ArtsMassachusetts.  Whether you need a cleaning, basic general dentistry, or advanced cosmetic work, they look beyond your individual teeth so that they can treat not just your mouth, but you the individual. Healthy teeth and gums are just the start. Advanced Dental Arts wants you to smile with confidence at work, at weddings, at reunions, at church, and everywhere. Like many dental offices, Advanced Dental Arts is conscious of the fact that they generate a large volume of medical waste every single day. Many of common dental instruments and materials can't be recycled for sanitary health reasons. However, Advanced Dental Arts invested in digital x-rays and over the last year, switched to full computerization and eliminated all paper patient records. Eliminating such paper use and recycling are a big step to reducing what they can. Advanced Dental Arts also offsets their remaining carbon footprint with Carbonfund.org. To learn more, please visit Advanced Dental Arts.
Don’t be fooled by this winter’s exceptional snowfalls, global warming is still real, warns a prominent scientist at Duke University.    Despite the snowy pummeling the US received, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) National Climate Data Center reports that January 2010 was one of the warmest Januarys on record. Temperatures were about half a degree Fahrenheit above the long-term averages in the chilly US while South Africa, Australia and Brazil suffered from excessive heat waves. “This pattern of warmer temperatures and stronger storms is consistent with climate models that show global warming will bring more extreme weather, specifically more severe storms with greater amounts of precipitation,” says  William L. Chameides, dean of Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment and a member of the National Academy of Sciences. Additionally, climate scientists are still reeling from leaked emails from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit in November 2009. The documents were apparent proof to skeptics that scientists conspired to overstate the case for a human influence on climate change.  But Chameides asserts that “careful, objective, complete reading of the scientific literature reveals the scientific evidence that the globe is warming – and that this warming is connected to human activities – remains strong.”
Earlier this week, the batteries in my TV’s remote control died. They had been going for awhile but I was a little too lazy to get off the couch and find a new set of batteries. When they finally went for good I realized that I had a set of AA Venom Power Eco Alkalines™. These environmentally friendly batteries feature 0% Mercury, 0% Cadmium, 0% Lead and, significantly, are CarbonFree® Certified by Carbonfund.org. Certified Venom BatteriesAs I happily clicked through the channels (I tend to be a bit of a channel surfer!) with my newly juiced remote I thought about the significance of the product certification. The reality that these batteries truly are carbon neutral is pretty impressive. Their carbon footprint was neutralized after a detailed product life-cycle assessment that included calculations of the emissions resulting in each phase of the life of the product (including raw material extraction, manufacturing, distribution and retail, use, disposal and recycling), and reducing the emissions. The life-cycle assessment is done by a third-party consultant, in accordance with Carbonfund.org's product certification protocol. Further, by purchasing a CarbonFree® Certified product you are supporting some pretty awesome, third-party validated carbon reduction projects. In Venom’s case they chose to support our Return to Forest reforestation project. Validated by the Rainforest Alliance to the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standards with Gold Distinction, the Return to Forest Project is helping to reforest as well as reconnect critical biological corridors along Nicaragua’s Pacific coast. The project also brings economic opportunities to local communities while sequestering about 170,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Venom’s Eco Alkaline batteries are progressive, high quality consumer batteries. Plus, they're carbon neutral! To learn more about the batteries or about Venom Power, visit: www.venom-group.com.
The fight against global warming has experienced multiple setbacks recently including the lack of a legally binding global agreement on climate change, the resignation of Yvo de Boer, reluctance from China and India to adopt mandatory emissions targets, and emissions legislation stalled in the US Senate. However, a letter released by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) announced that President Obama has not given up on reaching a legally binding agreement. Obama hopes that by keeping the talks alive it will be possible to more easily reach such agreement at a summit in Mexico this December. While some critics feel that a signed treaty by December is still a stretch of the imagination, a slightly longer timeframe may be more realistic in encouraging countries to climb on board. Countries such as Mexico, India, and China have already stated that more negotiations are needed before the summit in Cancun commences. In the letter the US emphasized the importance of providing “adequate time for countries to consult with each other bilaterally and regionally,” and that smaller gatherings are at least initially preferable.
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Born In Love: Pendants with Heart

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Born in Love is a unique pottery business that offers Tirtha Pendants that convey love, hope, and abundance.  The water used in their special crystalline glazes is 'charged' for at least 24 hours in a special egg-shaped vessel which has the word 'love' written over its surface.  It is at this timBorn in Lovee that a bit of water blessed by the living saint, Mata Amritananda Mayi (Amma), is added as well. While mixing the glaze into the water, traditional Vedic chants are sung.  All of their pendants are hand-crafted and fired in a small kiln. Born in Love cares deeply about conveying love through their pendants.  Their hope is to also live sustainably and promote this lifestyle to others through the business and their Tirtha Pendants.  To learn more about their incredible lifestyle, outstanding business and Tirtha Pendants, please visit www.borninlove.net.
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Build Greener with HealthyHome

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New building projects in your home are a great way to improve your living space and increase the value of your home. But they often create unfavorable environmental hazards for your family, like volatile organic compounds from paint or new flooring. CarbonFree® Partner HealthyHome can help you create a safe, eco-friendly environment for your family during your next building project! With 17 years experience in the green building space, HealthyHome also has practical knowledge of the products they sell. hh_logoEach product they carry is thoroughly evaluated to meet their standards for Green Building, Sustainability, Recyclability, and its contribution to a healthy home and planet. These high standards provide your family with the best products available. Their new line of EcoTimber flooring is a sustainable alternative to traditional flooring – domestic, FSC-certified, and high-quality flooring that won’t off-gas harmful chemicals! With such award-winning products, HealthyHome is your destination for home green supplies. To learn more (and go shopping), visit their website: www.healthyhome.com. They carry products ranging from green paints, flooring, lighting, bedding, cleaning supplies, garden products, and filtration systems. You’re sure to find something that will help improve the quality of your home. If you're in the St. Petersburg area, please note they have moved!  Their new address is 2028 28th St N Suite B, St. Petersburg, FL 33713.
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Hope for Climate Legislation in the Senate

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The US Senate is expected to reengage with proposed climate legislation this week in an attempt to create domestic solutions that reduce our carbon emissions. While the hope for progress is great, the growing feeling is that the final bill that comes out of the Senate will be less ambitious than the one the House passed last year. According to Reuters news service, Senators John Kerry, Joesph Lieberman and Lindsey Graham are weighing options that will allow the Senate to move forward with legislation. But the issue that is facing this group is only partially related to policy; politics will play a big role in if, when and how a bill may be passed in the Senate. Options in Broad Strokes There are many options for potential Senate climate legislation. This may include a comprehensive cap on carbon emissions that covers nearly the entire economy, or a bill that only covers part of the economy such as power plants and/or other areas of the economy. The latter seems more viable in the short run to some, in order to build a broad base of support. One very distinct piecemeal approach may be to cap the electricity sector of energy, representing about 40% of US emissions. This could make a significant dent in carbon emissions now without necessarily affecting other carbon intensive industries like cement and steel, and may also be administratively easier to monitor. However-- critics view the piecemeal approach as inherently lacking, in that climate change should involve a comprehensive approach to emissions cuts. The Politics With elections coming up in November, it would be foolish to think that there will not be a fair amount of political jockeying between now and then. So trying to pass a bill in the middle of campaign season like this may be difficult, but not impossible. If the Senate is to pass a global warming bill, it will likely need to happen in the next couple months, before members of Congress focus on their districts and states and other issues that Congress is trying to clear this session.