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The Return to Forest Project of Nicaragua

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rtf In 2007, and Paso Pacifico began working together to develop the Return to Forest Project. This ongoing reforestation effort is located in the Rivas and Granada Provinces of southwestern Nicaragua and covers nearly 1,000 acres. In addition to sequestering nearly 170,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide, the Project also helps restore critical habitat corridors for wildlife, such as the Yellow-Naped Parrot and Central American Spider Monkey. Furthermore, the Return to Forest was awarded the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance (CCBA) Standards' Gold Rating due to its incorporation of sustainable, local jobs and educational opportunities. Regarding educational opportunities, the Return to Forest Project was recently visited by students and professors from the International Course in Protected Areas Management. This course, which was organized by Conservation International and CATIE of Costa Rica sought to give protected area managers the practical tools for restoring and protecting tropical ecosystems. The course included case studies and visits to National Parks and Private Reserves across Costa Rica and Nicaragua. At the Return to Forest Project, students learned methods for planting and managing a diversity of native trees. They also learned how carbon offset projects can support landowners in the creation of new protected areas or private reserves. This Project is supported by donors to You can learn more about the project by visiting our projects page at
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