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Founded in 1993, HealthyHome is one of the oldest providers of green products in the country and one of the first to offer these products online. They are a privately held company dedicated to sustainability, energy efficiency, and lower environmental impacts from the products they sell. HealthyHome offers green paints, stains and coatings, flooring, lighting, beds and bedding, cleaning supplies, garden and outdoor products, air and water filtration systems and many other products. Each product meets their standards for sustainability, safety, efficiency, low carbon footprint, and economy. HealthyHome continually searches for new products that help customers live, build and renovate greener.  Online shopping is easy and is supplemented with product information and recommendations. Being early in the green building market has given HealthyHome an historical perspective on what people are looking for and what products on the market can meet those expectations. Over the years, the folks at HealthyHome have seen the green market evolve and shift focus from low toxicity to energy efficiency. And one of HealthyHome’s customer benefits are the “Green-Eyed View” blogs, providing expert advice on green ideas for a healthy home and world. Because limiting their carbon footprint is one of their important values, HealthyHome offsets their own carbon emissions via a partnership with, supporting a combination of renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects.
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